P-47 Thunderbolt Aircraft, WWII after it makes a belly landing. 

This P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft just did a belly landing.  You can see the bent propeller and that the gear is still up.
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The 318th Fighter Group WWII 
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 A Tribute to Vincent A. Dauro
Covert Ops from Incredible Adventures

P-47 Thunderbolt after a belly landing

Scanned by Frank and Denise Dauro

WWII P-47 Thunderbolt Aircraft being towed off of the Runway.

This P-47 has done a belly landing. 
You can see the prop bent and the gear up.

Working in Aviation all of my life, I have seen a number of
belly landings.  I've never seen anyone get hurt in the slightest
way, but what surprises me is that with except the bent prop
and the belly antennas are gone, there's almost no damage to the

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 I was hoping to find more information on what squadron my father (Vincent A. Dauro)  was attached to.
If you have any information, please send an email at the bottom of this page.





0001379300 width=235>
The 350th Fighter Group

The 350th Fighter Group in the Mediterranean Campaign 2 November, 1942 to 2 May 1945. The group comprised the 345th, 346th, and 347th Fighter Squadrons, flying  against the Luftwaffe during the Moroccan, Tunisian, Sicilian and Italian campaigns in P-39s and P-47s. 80 pgs., 90 photos, 9"x 12", sfbd.

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Angels Zero

P-47 Close Air Support in Europe Brulle. 

Close air support of infantry and tanks was  key to Allied success in WWII. Flying rugged P-47 Thunderbolts nearly at ground level  - or "Angels Zero" - over northwestern Europe, the pilots of the 9th Air Force strafed  and dive-bombed bridges, rail yards, supply depots, troops and tanks. This was the  most dangerous of air operations, exacting heavy casualties. Here is a recounting of  support missions with the 366th Fighter Group, linking daily experiences in the cockpit  with events in the wider European theater. A wonderful combination of both personal and historical detail vividly recreates this lesser-known aspect of the air war in  Europe. 208 pgs., 24 B&W photos, 6"x 9", hdbd.

076030548X p47 pilots, the fighter bomber boys
076030548XP-47 Pilots : The Fighter-Bomber Boys
Tom Glenn Paperback
Published 1998 

P-47 Pilots The Fighter Bomber Boys, August 2, 2000   Reviewer: Susan A. England from Maitland, FL United States  Tom Glenn tells an exceptional story exceptionally well. Glenn brings you into his cockpit  and his muddy tent. There you can inhale the horrifying, glorifying experiences of these  air warriors. In their Thunderbolts, the fighter bomber pilots soar beyond incredible and  dive to the brink of impossible. The book is insightful, riveting and an eye-opener. If you  only have room for one book in your current time/money budget--pick this one. Sadly,  the missions, the contributions, the victories (& the staggering casualty rate) of the fighter bomber pilot is barely mentioned or omitted entirely from most WWII chronicles. Myb  thanks to Tom Glenn for not letting this bit of history disappear and to he and his fellow  pilots who risked all for us.

Incredible Adventures-Wings Over Cape Town

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Look at these exhibits and tell me what these men really fought for.
the 34th fighter Squadron
USS Kitty Hawk

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