P-47 Thunderbolt Aircraft taxi for takeoff in WW2 Ie Shima. 

There's a little more to know about flying an airplane than just takeoffs and landings.  Here the pilots need an expert to Taxi their P47 Thunderbolts prior to takeoff.
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 A Tribute to Vincent A. Dauro


P47 Thunderbolts taxi for action in WW2 Ie Shima, just North East of Olinawa
Scanned by Frank and Denise Dauro

Taxiing the P47 Thunderbolt preparing for takeoff takes more
than just a pilot.  Notice the men on the wings. 
This is because 
the P47 is a tail dragger and the pilot cannot see
out the front of the airplane when the nose of the plane is so high.

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 I was hoping to find more information on what squadron my father (Vincent A. Dauro)  was attached to.  If you have any information, please send an email at the bottom of this page



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