Action Adventure Vacation Tour in Antarctica.



This is a Great Action Adventure Showing a Photo of the First Hot Air Balloon to fly over the South Pole.

In this Action Adventure Vacation, Curtis Lieber goes to the South Pole after crossing the frozen continent of Antarctica to fly the first Hot Air Balloon ever flown on the South Pole.  When Curtis Lieber goes on an action adventure, he goes on an a real action adventure vacation.  When you read this story, you will find out that this is really a wild adventure. Click on the Photo for a larger version.
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A Great Adventure Vacation Crossing the Desert of Snow 
On the South Pole 

Almost Leads to Disaster.
by Curtis Lieber

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Curtis Lieber's Adventure Vacation Continued.

When we start back toward the Pole it's 4 pm January 6th. The vehicles are not heated in the back where we ride, and in fact icicles from the humidity of our breath hang from the frozen ceiling and snow is falling inside the vehicles. You can't touch the metal of the vehicle with your bare hand without loosing your skin in the process. In one five mile stretch we rise 800 feet in altitude. We are now at 7,000 feet above sea level. We are now reaching a steady temperature of -38 degrees Fahrenheit at this altitude.

 We begin to smell the exhaust of the diesel engine. It takes us several hours to realize that the altitude is causing the fuel mixture to improperly burn. In fact inside the vehicle cabins, the smell is becoming alarmingly strong. This would generally be just unpleasant, but the fuel is mixed with Benzene to prevent it from freezing, and this is a carcinogen! We are trapped, no where to go, no other alternative but to accept this for the next several hundred hours! We have our first breakdown since leaving middle camp, and it's another gear box. We've been going 5 mph sincefirst Hot Air balloon flies over the South Pole. Click on Photo for larger view middle camp to save the gear boxes. Each vehicle has four gear boxes to drive four independent wheels. The two front wheels used only for steering. Now we begin to go to two-wheel drive, and salvage extra gear boxes this way at the cost of decreased traction. After nearly another day in the vehicles we pitch up the tents again for rest. We are at 88* 40 South Latitude. It's 10 am January 7th. 

After about 5 hours sleep we're off again, but this journey we will go till we arrive at the South Pole. We are moving only 5 mph and encounter powdered snow several inches over the packed snow. The wind drops and the sun begins to peek out of the sky with clouds racing by. 

18 miles out of Amundsen-Scott base and the South Pole, we stop to see that just over the horizon sparkles the dome. God we've made it at last. The wind drops to calm and the sun bursts out and we pick up speed as we are attracted to the dome like bugs to a flame. Spirits pick up and we come alive. We arrive at the South Pole January 8th at 2 am Chile Time or 10 pm New Zealand time which is what the Base goes by. 

One mile out, we are met by Joe Marty, on snowmobile from the National Science Foundation, who directs our way onto the base. We are welcomed onto to Amundsen-Scott Base with most of the workers standing outside to welcome us. Everyone at the base by this time has heard of our expedition and the fact that we were coming. It is the first predominantly Russian Expedition ever. There are only two Americans, Bob Christensen and Curtis Lieber. Bob Christ the organizer of this entire expedition unselfishly is not present to celebrate this victory. Naturally the folks at the base ask thousands of questions to the Americans about the Russian Expedition and the Snow Buggies. 

Copyright by Curtis Lieber, 

Photo by Curtis Lieber. 

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    Please Note:  The background picture on this page is an actual photo of the snow on the North Pole taken by C. Jeff Dyrek

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