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0007806160 width=250 align=BOTTOM>
New Breed Bombers

 Stan Stokes. 

The highly successful B-47 Stratojet is seen over the desert in this limited edition print. 16"x 11½", S/N by artist.

0007115172 width=250 align=BOTTOM>
B-47 Stratojet

Ken Fox. 

The second in our series of Cold War bomber charcoal pencil lithographs is  of the highly successful B-47 Stratojet. Print is 20"x 16" including border with title.

Stratojet Shakedown

Airplane Art

Craig Kodera. This is for the men and women of the Strategic Air Command who  worked so hard during the threatening time of the early 1950s. Flight crews were constantly on alert or in the air, frequently for 15 hours at a time. 1000 S/N by artist. 23"x 17½" print.
....#0007777 265.00


0007629176 width=250 align=BOTTOM>
Target Peenemunde

Robert Taylor. 

Lancasters of No. 83 Squadron Pathfinder Force climb over the east coast of England on August 17th, 1943, bound for the German secret V-2 rocket research establishment near the remote Baltic town of Peenemunde. 1200 s/n by  artist and five pilots. 33"x 24¾" print.


0007636161 width=250>
Hunters in the Desert

Robert Taylor. 

Features Marseille’s 100th victory pass in his Me-109 of JG-27 in North Africa,  17 June, 1942. 1250 S/N by artist and four German pilots.

0007688105 width=250>
A Test of Courage

Keith Ferris. Lt. Klaus Bretschneider's Fw 190 is face to face with a tailgunner of  mortally wounded B-17G-50DL. Data below image details each aircraft in the fateful battle. 850 S/N by artist. 35"x 18" print.
....#0007688 185.00

0007619168 width=250 align=BOTTOM>
Gathering Storm

Robert Taylor

Taylor. Fw 190s of JG-2 climb out over Theville, anticipating an armada of B-17s. 1250 signed and numbered by Aces Lange, Losigkeit, Schack, Brosch and artist. 33"x  25" print.
....#0007619 285.00

0007641161 width=250 align=BOTTOM>
Eagles Prey

Robert Taylor. 

American Eagles Squadron 71 flying Mk Vb Spitfires down an Me-109  over northern France in 1941. 1250 Signed/Numbered by artist and five aces. 33"x 25" print.


0007672166 width=250 align=BOTTOM>
Marauder Mission

Robert Taylor. 

B-26's of the Valiant 9th A.F. return home from a bombing mission to  the German V1 launch sites in France, January, 1944. 1250 S/N by artist and pilots Moench, Scott and Woolridge. 27"x 21" print.
....#0007672 165.00

0007409131 width=250 align=BOTTOM>

John Young. 

A dramatic portrait of a Marine Corps F4U Corsair mainstay in the Pacific Theater. A  large 36"x 22", this print goes far to capture the drama and emotion of another flight  into battle.
....#0007409 3




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