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Aviation Art Photos and Paintings, Posters and Airplane Pictures not only beautify your office and home, they also inspire others and promote aviation.  I once read that you can tell a lot about a person by what kind of books they have and don't have.  This is also true with Aviation Art and Airplane Posters.  You also know a person by what kind of pictures that they have on their walls.  Aviation Art and Airplane Posters show your interest in technology and your intelligence capability.
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A-4 Skyhawk Art   Books,    Models,   Movies
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Triple Threat

Art Print

John Doughty, Jr. As three A-4M Skyhawks from VMA-214, "The Black Sheep" roar to  altitude, they carry an arsenal that promises to bring any foe to their knees. Limited edition of 750 S/N by artist, 24½"x 34½" print.

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Angels 6

Sam Lyons. 

A dramatic depiction of the strength and power of the Blue Angels' A-4 Skyhawk II. 20"x 29½" limited edition print signed and numbered by the artist.

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Launch at Dusk

Tony Fachet. 

An A-4 Skyhawk readies for the slingshot that will again send it on its  way for another harrowing mission over enemy territory. 26"x 20" print.
....#0007809 4



A-6 Intruder ArtBooks, Models, Movies

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Intruder Launch

Tony Fachet.
Aviation Art

Depicts the dramatic launch of the venerable A-6 attack aircraft. You  can hear the jet engines roar and feel the ground shake just by looking at this print!  26"x 20" print.
....#0007212 4

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Night Strike

Stan Stokes. 
Aviation Art

A-6s were used in Vietnam and still were effective during Desert Storm due to constantly upgraded avionics. Here, an A-6 Intruder departs the USS Ranger. Limited  edition of 950 signed and numbered by artist. 34"x 27" print
....#0007889 9



F-104 Starfigther Art    Books, Models, Movies
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Spy in the Sky
Stan Stokes.

Aviation Art

Click Here is the Lockheed U-2 spy plane lifting off at sunset with a pair of  F-104 Starfighters giving chase overhead. 16"x 11½" S/N limited edition print.



F-105 Thunderchief Art   Books,  Models,   Movies
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Big Brass Ones

Keith Ferris. 

This Wild Weasel F-105 Thunderchief is returning from its 100th mission over North  Vietnam in Nov. 1968. F-105 #62-4424 "Crown 7" was the aircraft assigned to Major  John Revak, pilot, and Major Stan Goldstein, Electronic Warfare Officer, of the 44th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 388th Tactical Fighter Wing based at Korat, Thailand. These brave and dedicated crews purposely drew fire in advance of the strike force in order to locate, intimidate or des

troy enemy defenses. 24"x 11½" print.
....#0007213 4

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Jaws of the Dragon

Stan Stokes. 

This dramatic Vietnam era painting depicts the F-105 piloted by Col.  Fred Cherry, who spent seven years as a POW when his F-105D was shot down on a ground support mission. 16"x 11½" signed and numbered limited edition print.

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Lethal Encounter

William S. Phillips. 

Click Here is then-Major Leo K. Thorsness and his EWO Capt. Harold E.  Johnson on April 19, 1967 taking on, in the words of another officer, "most of North Vietnam all by himself" in one of the epic battles of the war. 1000 S/N by the artist, Col. Thorsness and Col. Johnson.
.....#0007781 2



F-14 Tomcat ArtF-14 Books, F-14 Models, F-14 Movies
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Dru Blair. 
Aviation Art

Depicts the awesome power and agility of the Grumman F-14A in low-level  profile. The explosive low-pressure shockwave, generated by the sudden passage of  this aircraft over an open sea, is a compelling display of fluid dynamics and the art of  American technology. 30"x 24" print.
....#0007898 6



F-15 Eagle Art F-15 Books, F-15 Models, F-15 Movies
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Dru Blair. 
Aviation Art

Accelerating on full afterburner, a heavily armed F-15E Strike Eagle  punches through the sound barrier, forming a momentary shockwave of compressed  vapor. 30"x 24" print.
....#0007260 4

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In the Talons of Eagles

Stan Stokes. 

A MiG is about to find out how lethal the F-15 is when flown by the  best trained pilots in the world. 11½"x 16" signed and numbered limited edition print.



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