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The Cessna Aircraft are covered here in this Aviation Art Section. 

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  Cessna Aviation Art and Gifts 


140 Perfection" hspace="10" src="http://www.historicaviation.com/historicaviation/Image.po?pn=0007148231"> Sam Lyons.
A pristine Cessna 140 sits in a beautiful country setting. 24"x 18" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist.
0007148 145.00


Waterbird" hspace="10" src="http://www.historicaviation.com/historicaviation/Image.po?pn=0007840241"> Waterbird
Aviation Art.0007840

Wings Over Denali" hspace="10" src="http://www.historicaviation.com/historicaviation/Image.po?pn=0010045234">

Cessna Aircraft Company" hspace="10" src="http://www.historicaviation.com/historicaviation/Image.po?pn=0007947231">

Cessna 182 Skylane Yard Spinner
Cessna Montage Ornament" hspace="10" src="http://www.historicaviation.com/historicaviation/Image.po?pn=0064001600"> Cessna Montage Ornament
Christmas Tree Ornament

Cessna 172 14kt Gold Necklace" hspace="10" src="http://www.historicaviation.com/historicaviation/Image.po?pn=0006500328">

Cessna 172 14kt Gold Necklace

Beautiful 14 carat gold charm of a Cessna 172 comes with a gold chain and is gift-boxed for easy giving. Charm is over ?" wide and the chain is 18" long.

Cessna 180/185 Pin - Blue" hspace="10" src="http://www.historicaviation.com/historicaviation/Image.po?pn=0065101170">

Cessna 180/185 Lapel Pin - Blue

This Cessna 180/185 handmade pin is made of the finest enamels and copper electroplated with gold, resulting in quality that will last a lifetime. 2" wide, it will look great on your hat or lapel.

Cessna 180/185 Pin - Red" hspace="10" src="http://www.historicaviation.com/historicaviation/Image.po?pn=0065100153">

Cessna 180/185 Lapel Pin - Red

This Cessna 180/185 handmade pin is made of the finest enamels and copper electroplated with gold, resulting in quality that will last a lifetime. 2" wide, it will look great on your hat or lapel.

Misty Morning

Misty Morning
Aviation Art Print 145.00

Next Generation

Next Generation
Aviation Art Print 135.00

T-37 Tweetie Bird


Cessna Logo Hat




Patterson Aircraft Company

This exhibit shows the Patterson Aircraft Company, a Cessna Dealer,  in 1980.  This is the place that I worked in the last part of the 70's and the first part of the 80's.  This was the best job that I have ever had and one of the best crews that I have ever worked with.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster.

Exhibit Added 1 Sep 2004

C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster, YellowAirplane.com





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