USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63, Aircraft Carrier.

USS Kitty Hawk CV-63

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There are two plaques on the conning tower
In the Cat Walks on the USS Kitty Hawk
The tower on the 
USS Kitty Hawk.
In the Cat Walks on the Kitty Hawk

One day after being out in the South China Sea for a continuous 35 days, our Captain,  Captain Hogan, said,  it's time for a break.  He decided to throw a party for the entire crew.  The cooks put tables on the after portion of the flight deck and filled them with food.  There were 55 gallon drums filled with soda and ice placed at various places on the deck. A lot of the sailors were good musicians and they set up bands around the deck.  We had a blast.  The weather was great and the ocean and sky were beautiful.  Here's some photos of this event. 
By the way.   We called ourselves "Hogan's Hero's".

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Men at play on the Kitty Hawk

What is this guy wearing?  A lot of Computer Tape
The band plays great.   Simon & Garfunkel eat your heart out
The Kitty Hawk Boxing Match
Would you like to know what this is?
A Bluegrass band on deck
Our Boxing Ring behind the island

Now that the party is over it's time to get down to something serious.  Ship to Ship refueling is obviously a special art.  We refueled, if I remember correctly, every four days.  We would refuel a destroyer while the USS Sacramento refueled two destroyers.  Then the Sacramento would come along side the Kitty Hawk, our ship, and would refuel us and another ship.  This was a time saving maneuver.  Here are some photos of the refueling.

Refueling the USS Sample DD-1048

from the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63

A destroyer, the uss sample,  pulls along side the kitty hawk
Destroyers Crew prepares catch the wire which is shot from ship to ship
A destroyer pulls along side
Destroyers Crew prepares to 
catch the lines
The first line is shot from the Kitty Hawk to the USS Sample
You can see the waves washing over the bow of the USS Sample
The first line is shot from the Kitty Hawk to the destroyer
Waves wash 
over the bow

The Sample's crew feeds a larger line back to the Kitty Hawk
The USS Sample's crew has to fight the heavy seas just to stay on deck
The crew feeds a larger line back to the Kitty Hawk
The crew fights the heavy seas

The bow of the uss sample dd-1048 goes under a wave
The bow goes over the next wave
Under one wave
Over the next
Water splashes as the uss sample dives under another wave
The bridge of the USS Sample is filled with people
Refueling is tough in these rough waters
The bridge of a destroyer taken from the Kitty Hawk CV-63

WW2 War Correspondent, Ernie Pyle's story
teaches us that it is most often the simple things in life that  provide the glue in a community.
Values such as honesty, persistence
and concern for those less fortunate.

The sea sparrow missile boxes are seen on the uss sample
The mast of the sample is even with the flight deck of the Kitty Hawk
Anti-Aircraft missiles on a destroyer
Mast on Destroyer
Veterans, read this


Some Great Photos from our viewers
with their Adventures on the USS Kitty Hawk
You will love the Super Close-Up Shots
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aircraft carriers are one of military 's greatest weapons




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