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The New Great Depression is Hitting, Now, not When.

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Dear Reader
Yes, a lot of people are stocking up on food.  When I go to Aldi's I usually get a full, heaping basket for about a hundred dollars, now a three quarter full basket is 120.  With the bailout is they paid peoples mortgages at only 100,000 per person, they could have paid ten million mortgages down and the this money would still have made it to the banks.  Our population's debt would have been a whole lot less and there would have been a lot more money in the economy to use.  Giving people more money, the they are doing it in tax rebates, just to make them buy, did nothing but let them buy more from Chinese manufacturers.  We need to make it a law that we have a TV manufacturer in America as well as all of the basic commodities, just as a form of national defense, if nothing else.  The way we have it now, if a country just stopped their shipments to us, for any reason, our country would be on it's knees. 
About the education:  I keep hearing that the schools aren't doing enough.  We put more money into our schools than any country in the world.  Yet, when I read a recent test of middle school students from thirty five countries, we came out thirty two.   During the Viet Nam war I read the same test from Scientific American Magazine.  They tested fifty countries and we came out forty eight out of fifty.  Why is this?  It's because our TV is pushing party, party, party.  Anyone who has a brain is a Steve Erkel.  On a real good movie called the Sixteenth Year, the smart kid said nerds don't have friends, they have hobbies.  We forgot the reason for hobbies, they are to teach special skills at a young age.  Our TV programs are all very sexually orientated and heavy in violence.  When I surf the channels, every movie is murder, kill, war, hate, cheat and divorce.  What happened to programs like Sea Hunt, and Rip Cord, Flipper and Gentle Ben.  Now it's sea murder, Rip a fart, flip your finger and Screw Ben Gently. 
Kits spend ten times more time listening to TV than they do the teachers in school.  Who are the role models, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Bruce Willis, all with filthy mouths and sex and money are the only things in life.  I worked with kids now for over twenty years.  What do they talk about, it's not building a race motor, or building a fort, or going camping.  It's when they last got laid, how good they give blow jobs and where can they get their next drug high.  This is what's killing America.
At the school the kids are told to abstain from sex, don't do drugs and always do the right thing.  When they turn on the music, what are they banging their heads to, one song that I heard said, My dick is hard, My balls are blue, so Blankity blank, blank, Fuck You.  I didn't catch the blankity blank, blank.  But this is what our kids are banging their heads to.  How can we win when our media sources are teaching the total opposite of what it takes to win. 
A woman wrote a chain letter that went all throughout the web.  It said who cares about that camel jockey, rag head over seas, and went on and on with that subject.  Who cares, I care.  I care about people and if she doesn't care, then who will care about her.  I bet she would scream and yell if someone took her car or TV away or even called her a bad name.  People like that are spreading bad ideas all throughout the world and this is why America is not One Nation Under God anymore, we are One Nation under the Devil.  When every new movie says GD, that offends me and takes the freedom of religion away from me.
The other night when I was listening to the preacher, he received a letter from a prisoner who listened to him on the radio.  The prisoner said that he was sorry that he couldn't donate to him because the prison wouldn't allow him to donate money to a religious group.  But he went on to say that it was ok for prisoners to spend their money on Playboy and Penthouse magazines.  I work with prisoners right now in my social programs.  I asked a girl what she was allowed to watch; was it murder movies, gang programs, violence on TV.  She said yes to all of these.  The psychology of all of these programs are specifically designed to addict people to the programs and ingrain these bad ideas into their heads.  This is what America wants, because it is insurance on lawyers making tons of money.
And where does American's money go.  Jimmy Carter just said that we are giving Israel 3.2 billion dollars in aid.  The lotto and gambling is eating up Americans money,  Internet porn is making more money than all of TV and Hollywood combined, drug dealers are sucking money out of our country and making it available to terrorist, and lawyers love divorce court because when the program first came out, lawyers incomes went up ten times.  On top of all that when a politician retires, after just one term, they get full retirement.  What kind of crap is that?  Governor Jerry Brown spent fifty thousand dollars on a painting and I'm sure all of the other governors do the same, Nancy Pelosi spent sixteen thousand dollars on flowers and ten thousand dollars on someone to write her speech.  Then she uses chartered jets to take her back and forth to work, yet she only works four days a week.  Our government is out of control, our media is out of control and our pollution, both ecologically and morally is out of control.  There's no way that we can win if we don't fix these problems.  But too many big shots make too much money on this crap and they give money for campaign funding.  Who is the politician going to listen to.  Now you or me, we don't have a million dollars to donate.
My friend Alex lost his job, he was an engineer making solenoids and transducers that are used in auto manufacturing.  The local meat packing plant shut down four plants.  When the food manufacturers are shutting down, it means that we are in real bad news.  Yes, we are in big trouble and it's not going to get better this time.  WW3 is on it's way.  Global warming is killing the earth.  Pollution is killing the ocean.  Drugs are killing our kids and the Media is killing our minds.  I'm telling the truth.
Take care and have a nice day because tomorrow, you may die as one of the songs said.  They are telling the truth too.
Your friend, the Webmaster

C. Jeff.Dyrek



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Today I went to Wal-Mart in Peoria.  I always wear my USS Kitty Hawk Hat.  I was standing in the Sub Way Shop and a young lady came up to me and gave me a small slip of paper that was folded up and said, "This is for you."  I was thinking what is this all about, this is very strange.  When I opened the note here's what it said.

I just wanted to thank you for your service to our country, Forever Grateful, Amiee.

Thank you very much Amiee.  You have made my day.  I'm a disabled vet and have been going through some real bad times and you picked up my whole day.  Thank you again, C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

P.S.  I am sure that this note was not just for me, but for all service men and women who have worked so hard to keep our freedoms and to keep our country a favorite place to live.


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