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The New American Dollar, In God We Trust.

Read about the New American Dollar, and how we have wiped the idea of moral stability our of our nation.


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This is the New American Dollar.  Notice that it does not say "In God We Trust" yet it shows a picture of President Washington who stood behind the Pledge of Allegiance that said "One Nation Under God".  So God is now washed out of the US Mint system.  Are you happy.  I don't care because when I watch our TV, I realize that none of the moral principles of "Do not steal: Do not mess with your neighbors wife: and, Love everyone," are all gone in America.  Maybe I should spell America, america, with the little A, because we will soon lose every decency that we ever had.  Or maybe I should continue to spell it with a BIG "A" because we are quickly becoming the "Big A" of the world.  Take a look at the news and see how they are fighting the drug war.  The music and TV pushes, sex with multiple partners, get drunk, use drugs, and cheating and wife swapping is the new way.  Fighting the drug war is a big lie because we are not going at the source of the problem.  We are losing America.  We are seeing the exact same types of idealism that is present at the end of every fallen empire.  So if you lose your house, your kids are killed in an unjust war, you are put in prison for something that you didn't do, who cares.  This is the feedback that I'm continuously seeing in American Music and TV.  Just watch the cartoon "Family Guy" and see what the TV is teaching your kids.  Buy the video, "Top Ten Party Schools" and see what our future leaders are learning in college.  It's all happening and all I can do as a disabled vet is to watch it happen.  Freedom of religion is no longer a right unless it starts with the words G.D.  Maybe we should say the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools and replace the word God with G. D. this would be very consistent with the direction our country and the world is heading.  Let's do that.  On our money we should still include the words God, but add another word after it so that Hollywood and our countries future will coincide, using the same mannerisms.  That's what we need to do.  G.D. to all.  In G.D. we trust.  One Nation Under G. D.   G. D. Bless You all.  Tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me G. D. That's the way we are heading.  We can't stop it because this is a pseudo democracy, or maybe just a crazy.  We are killing our kids, our kids are killing their parents, one out of four teens have STD's, that's exactly what we want.  You can say that this is my Dad and my Dad or my Mom and my Mom.  Who is your dad or mom, who knows, you're a test tube baby anyway.  Our foods are G. M. foods and we drive a Chinese made car.  This is our future.  You need a bulletproof vest to go to grade school and a chastity belt for your preschoolers.  That's where we are heading.  But, but, but, it's all freedom of speech, but don't say the word God unless you say G. D.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

Now, When a person walks into a store, Bystanders can Scan Your Wallet and Take Every Cent that You Have.  This is why you need protection.


With the RFID, Radio Frequency Identification embedded in Your Credit Cards,
You can be Robbed Just by Walking Down the Street, and Never Even Know It.

Watch This TV Program to hear the latest on where our country is going.

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