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Where is our Money Going in America?

Living in America is costing more and more, so where is our money going/

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Where is our money going in America?  Read this and you will see the leaks in our American Society.

From the letters that I am receiving, people and the news are blaming the President.  Yet, President Obama is now trying to do everything he can to get our country out of this big mess that we are currently in.  But where is the Americans money really going?

  Let's look at Porn.  Internet Pornography makes more money than all of TV and Hollywood combined.  We are spending tremendous amounts of money on something that has no product.  In fact, porn cost more than the money that is being spent on the industry itself.  Porn is destroying our families, it is destroying the minds of our kids and it is eating up our business cost.  MSN Money says that 40% of internet searches and 40% of Pay TV Programs are used for watching porn. Cnet News says, Pornography in the workplace can pose a serious problem for employers because a significant amount of material is downloaded by employees during business hours.'s new Amapedia Website says, It’s very easy to make 5,000 to 100,000 a month or more with our 100% Turnkey Porn Websites.  PC World says, Survey: One-Third of UK Workers Surf Porn at the Office.  The Washington Times editorializes about the "virulent cancer" that is destroying our economy. Toxic bank assets? Nope--Internet porn. 

As a webmaster, I receive literally thousands of Porn and Viagra spams a week.  In other emails from my friends, there are groups who I have totally spammed because all these people do is send dirty jokes and porn pictures.  When I worked for the Department of the Army, managers sent dozens of porn and dirty joke emails every single day.  We are being eaten up by the porn industry in our businesses and our expenditures. 

Porn does more than just sucking our cash from our homes and businesses, it also causes tremendous amounts of family breakups.  Lawyers profit tremendously by divorce caused by porn.  Families end up joining swapper groups, or end up having tremendous arguments because of spouses watching porn.  Disease is spread by the promiscuity caused by porn and doctors profit by this problem.  A recent article said that one of four teens have a STDs, one of five people in the US have Herpes and one in five people in the US have HPV.  In the Mediterranean Sea they are experiencing an 80% to 100% of shellfish loss due to herpes found in the young shellfish.  Porn is pushing this spread of disease to this Pandemic Level that now even extends into the animal populations.   If you are watching Porn, You Are Part of the Problem.  You are costing our country a tremendous amount.  It's like a tax or an energy bill or an insurance bill all combined into one.  We as Americans are paying the bill and it's coming out of our economy into a useless product.

Porn is being pushed to our kids on every Viagra commercial, programs like "The Bad Girls Club",  "Cheaters", "America's top Models", and even on Saturday morning cartoons like "Family Guy" and "South Park".  I spoke to our former Chief of Police and quoted a Family Guy statement to him and asked if I would go to jail if I said this.  He almost hit me.  I asked our current Sheriff the same thing, he said that I would go to jail, I ask two of the States Attorneys the same thing, they too said that I would go to jail if I said to a ten year old girl, "We need a massive all girl sex orgy, we're all turning gay".  This is a quote from Saturday Morning, Fox Kids, Family Guy program, but this is listed on the media as "Freedom of Speech". 

What about Drugs?  Our courts are filled with drug cases.  Our jails are filled with drug dealers and drug related crimes.  The United States has 5% of the worlds population and has 25% of the worlds prison population.  Drug crimes are costing Americans billions of dollars a year.  The cost of public defenders is costing American's billions and housing the prisoners is costing our country BILLIONS.  The television, movies and music are all pushing drugs.  Years ago, the Eric Clapton song pushed Cocaine.  Today most rock, rap and hip hop songs are pushing coke, crack and meth.  Eddie Murphy's cartoon PJ's did a parity on Abbot and Costello's "Who's on First" skit, but with the cartoon PJ's it was "Who's on Crank, Crack and Coke".  This is psychological warfare teaching our kids about the language and usage of drugs and that drugs are a joke and fun.

Psychological disorders from kids and the parents of kids on drugs are turning into disability cases.  Kids are receiving Social Security checks because they cannot work due to drug use and its permanent aftereffects.  Drug use is a major epidemic in the American culture.  Do drugs and watch porn.  If it feels good, do it. These are the ways that our kids are now thinking.  There is a film group that makes a video called "Top Ten Party Schools".  This group sells the idea of selecting our colleges on the basis of how many parties you can go to, not on academic achievement.  Students no longer go to school based on getting a degree, but on how drunk they can get and how much sex they can have.

Drug dealers are ruining our freedom of the right to bare arms.  They are costing American business Billions in stolen property.  They are costing Billions in drug testing cost and poor production because of drug use.  Drugs have invaded every part of our lives from the illegal drugs to legal drugs, the drug industry is eating our country alive and we are paying for it.

What about Wars.  Wars are killing us.  Not only are our illegal wars costing us billions every year, they are killing innocent people throughout the world and creating huge amounts of terrorism.  These wars against terror and not against terror, they are creating terror and terrorism.  This is a terrible disgrace for our country that has spent so many years teaching, Truth, Justice and the American Way.  We are not only the worlds biggest producer of arms and we are spending more money on war and creating more wars than all other countries combines.  Wars are sucking our taxpayer money like a sponge.

When I hear people calling President Obama a no good because our economy has dropped since he became president, I am hearing a person that is not looking at the truth.  I hear a whiner, whining about their loss of life, liberty and happiness by blaming President Obama for what previous presidents have gotten our country into.  I hear them whining about our loss of spendable income but they are not doing anything about the porn and drug laws and programs pushing porn and drugs that are allowing our country to be eaten up from within.  But, I don't hear these whiners doing anything about these problems.   Yet, they themselves are pushing porn on the internet through their consistent proliferation of filthy jokes and dirty pictures.

There was an old song that I remember from my high school days.  It had a verse that went like this, "Take a look at yourself and you can look at others, differently, but is shames me to know that we aren't the people that we can be.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster

In just one day this letter started quite a stir among the email group from my old days.  The spams that are being sent out are nothing but psychological warfare against our country.  In every way we are being attacked in America, and we need to stop it right now.  Read the letter that I got from one of the readers the very next day after writing the above email.  C. Jeff Dyrek.

Jeff and Susan thank you for putting into writing, how I felt when I read this e-mail for the first time.

Dad- please, DO NOT include me in spam e-mails about politics anymore. Unless, the article you send me is fully researched and gives both sides of the argument. I would rather not read them or allow them to fill my inbox. These messages have anti-American sentiment and do nothing but instill unwarranted fear. Something in which I feel we have enough of in today’s society.

 Besides, I never sent out stuff like this when Bush was running the country.

 p.s. don’t be mad that I like Obama, I do like getting e-mail from you, just not spam mail.

Below is a thought and part of a letter that I have sent to a friend that I haven't seen in over forty years.  This friend had really bad health problems in her life and she had to fight very hard to stay alive and later to cope with her existing situation.  This thought came about from the original spam letter that spurred my commentary at the top of the page.

You really had a hard time in your life.  I guess a lot of people go through all kinds of troubles, some that we may never be able to imagine. 
That's a fantastic idea keeping a gratitude journal.  This is something that you probably teach to your students, but it is also something that can be sold as a product.  I've taking many years of training in how to recognize a product, that's how I ended up on the North Pole.  Opportunity is only there for those who are ready for it.  Luck and Opportunity can be interchanged in that statement. 
I've listened to many years of Positive Thinking and Business cassette tapes.  Many tapes I have listened to a hundred and more times each.  Your idea of a gratitude journal is a product that can be sold in many ways.  Also, just the way that you talk and think can be a product in itself, which it sounds like you are using already. 
One day I realized that, technically I was very well educated, but socially and spiritually, I had almost zero education.  I came from a battered and broken family and the music that I listened to actually helped push and hold me down. I started listening to the audio tapes when I drove back and forth to work giving me five hundred and ten hours of study time a year, since it took me an hour to drive to and from work.  I stopped the music all together and ended up only on the tapes.  After about a year of constantly listening, as I drove to work, something happened.  It was very, very strange.  It was like my body actually grew more double in its size.  I looked at my arm and hand and it didn't look any different, yet it felt just like I actually grew.  When I got to work, it was like I had to duck to get under the doors and walk to my desk.  What the heck happened, was what was going through my mind.  Many years of thinking about this event and having other events similar to this, though not as pronounced, I realized that massive numbers of neurons connected all at a single time and I was a different person from that day on. 
Just like building a house, brick by brick the house goes up.  One brick layer is building on one side and another on the other and still two more are building on the others.  Then all of a sudden they all connect and "Walla", you have a house.  This is what happened inside my brain.  I had bits of knowledge scattered around and all of a sudden they all came together all at one time to form a single unit. 
Now, I don't want to say that my brain is a single unit because I'm still a little scatter brained, but there was a remarkable improvement and a huge difference in the way that I looked at things. 
This is why I like to network with people who have had a great deal of experience themselves.  In no way could one person experience everything in life, but through the networking, it's like building a whole new set of neurons in a very rapid fashion.  By listening to your ideas I have rushing ideas that are all positive and really help more than you can imagine.  It's a great experience.  This is what I liked about going back to WIU as an adult.  I was able to network with the professors in a way that a kid right out of high school could never do.  I don't think that any of my professors just went to school to be teachers, they all worked in various industries and gained a tremendous amount of experience in their field and complimenting fields before they taught at WIU.  This is what was the great experience for me. 

C. Jeff Dyrek.  About the Webmaster, Why God Send Me to the North Pole

From a Disabled lady.

Actually, I feel I've had a wonderful life, I've worked hard, traveled all over, met wonderful people and I've had great experiences.  I think this health issue in the past years actually helped me in ways that have changed me but for the good. I don't consider myself a victim and many people have not had the good fortunes that I have had, I really keep to the positive, I always had.  I'm one of those glass half full, but I am a realist.  I'm glad you got off the bad music, and started with the audio tapes.  I do believe the nuerons can do incredible things... so I totally believe what you said.    I really look at life differently now and in a more thoughtful way.

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