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Your health, Electrotherapy, Magnetic Therapy, Magnetics, Garlic and the Art Bell Show

What does Electrotherapy, Magnetic Therapy, Magnetics and the Art Bell Show have to do with your health?

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Acids in your body from Orange Juice.
   Years ago when I started running again, for some reason I couldn't make it over three miles.  I wasn't tired it was just that I would get cramps in my calves that would show up in just two or three steps.  If I didn't immediately stop running, they would end pulling the muscle and it was almost a month before I could run again.  I couldn't figure this out because three miles isn't too far to run. 
A number of years later, my mom started having leg cramps when she slept and she had a terrible time all night.  She would live with almost no sleep and it almost killed her.  Then I noticed that she was hitting the orange juice very hard.  The TV said to drink orange juice for your health.  I remembered from my old mountain climbing days reading about lactic acid buildup that would cause muscle fatigue and cramps.  All of a sudden two and two came together and added up to millions in doctors income.  The doctor was giving her all kinds of drugs for the cramps that made her very sick.  Really, it was the orange juice.  When I was running the three miles, I would drink two huge glasses of orange juice just before I ran.  It was the orange juice.  I am wondering how many people died from heart attacks because they drank orange juice before they ran. 


ElectroTherapy, Magnetics and Magnetic Therapy and the Art Bell Show.
Now, about eight years after this running incident, I was suffering from chronic fatigue.  This was really happening over a period of years.  I was listening to the Art Bell show and he started talking about electrotherapy.  He said that AMA wouldn't allow it to be sold in the U.S. because it worked.  It was being used in many other countries and they would completely cure all kinds of diseases that were supposed to be incurable.  He referenced a website that showed the schematics for the device and so I went to Radio Shack to buy the parts.  I knew I had a whole drawer of 555 timers so I didn't buy those.  When I got home I looked for my timer chips and the drawer was empty.  I forgot that I gave them to my brother.  So I was disappointed because it was just too late to go back to Radio Shack and get what I needed. 
The way electrothearphy works is that you put a probe on the vein behind each ankle bone and then turn the voltage up until it hurts and turn it back down until you can stand the pain.  So as I sat disappointed I realized, what happens when you pass a conductor through a magnetic field?  It creates a voltage, just like a generator works.  So I took the bar magnets out of my Magnetic Motor design and taped one to each ankle just on top of that big vein.  In three days I started having a strange, very slight headache, just like Art Bell described when people used the electrotherapy.  I also noticed that I had energy.  Art Bell said that the headache was caused by toxins building up in the blood as they came out of the tissues.  I realized that this was exactly what was happening to me, the headaches were caused by toxins.
Now, I may be the only person in the world that knows why electrotherapy or magnetictherapy works.  It came to me after remembering about two Scientific American articles that I have read years ago.  One was, "Why does salt preserve meat", and the other one was, "Why do bacteria attack one organ and leave the other organ that is right next to it alone".  The reason that bacteria attack one organ and not the other, it's because the molecular shape of the chemical structure of the organ has to match the attaching mechanism of the bacteria.  The bacteria looks for an electrical charge but is only able to attach itself to an organ if the molecular shape matches it's own.  The reason that salt preserves meat is that the salt is an electrolyte and it fills all of these molecular shapes with an electrical charge and the bacteria can't find an attach point.  The magnetics and electrothearpy work the same way.  They both create an electrical charge in your blood and body and the bacteria cannot find a point to attach.
I continued to use the magnets for quite a while.  Every three days the headache would come back and in a day or two of having them off, it would go away.  The longer I used the magnets, the more energy I had and the longer the cycles would last where I could leave the magnetics on.  Finally, I started wearing the magnets and never needed to take them off.  This was the end of the extreme lethargy that I felt.  I started working on things and I wasn't always tired.
One day I was watching the news and an AMA spokesman came on the program. He said that the AMA wasn't there to cure the diseases, it was there to reduce the symptoms.  That was exactly right.  The drug companies and doctors made a lot of money from repeat business and the reason that electrotherapy wasn't legal in the U.S. was because they wouldn't make money.  Money talks.  This is exactly why they tell us to drink milk, when milk that is given to an adult can have serious consequences.  The same goes for orange juice, it can cause all kinds of problems.

Garlic and Arthritis.
When my mom had severe problems with arthritis, the doctors gave her tremendous amounts of drugs which made very little improvement.  They improved her symptoms enough that she always felt hopeful that they would stop the problem.  I kept after her to eat the raw garlic, but she fought me all the way. One day I started nagging at her to try the garlic and she said that one of her friends had an herbal medicine.  I said that this was herbal and I read about it in a book called, "The healing foods of the Bible".  So she tried it and in just three days, after spending two years not being able to use her right hand, she said "Look" and then she opened and closed her hand many times real fast.  It fixed the problem.  I learned that the garlic worked because I couldn't play my guitar because of the pain in my fingers, but the garlic fixed the problem totally. 
Doctors are not there to heal you, they are there to reduce your symptoms and keep you as a steady patient.  That's why most of them only give you a fifteen second exam and don't even want to hear what you have to say.  They don't care about your symptoms or the problem, so they just give you drugs, and you come back and back and back some more.  There is money, big money involved and the big money wants more and doesn't care about you.

Absolutely don't do any of these things. I am not a doctor and I am just telling you what happened to me.  Ask your doctor first. 
C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster

Now, When a person walks into a store, Bystanders can Scan Your Wallet and Take Every Cent that You Have.  This is why you need protection.


With the RFID, Radio Frequency Identification embedded in Your Credit Cards,
You can be Robbed Just by Walking Down the Street, and Never Even Know It.


Today I went to Wal-Mart in Peoria.  I always wear my USS Kitty Hawk Hat.  I was standing in the Sub Way Shop and a young lady came up to me and gave me a small slip of paper that was folded up and said, "This is for you."  I was thinking what is this all about, this is very strange.  When I opened the note here's what it said.

I just wanted to thank you for your service to our country, Forever Grateful, Amiee.

Thank you very much Amiee.  You have made my day.  I'm a disabled vet and have been going through some real bad times and you picked up my whole day.  Thank you again, C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

P.S.  I am sure that this note was not just for me, but for all service men and women who have worked so hard to keep our freedoms and to keep our country a favorite place to live.

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