Anti-friction Metal Conditioner.

Energy Release can be used in Experimental Airplanes
with tremendous reductions in Friction, Heat produced by friction,
and Engine Wear.  This means a cooler, more powerful engine
that will run smoother and longer than ever before.

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Energy Release Sales, ER, works great in Cars but is fantastic in Motorcycles and Trucks and Experimental Airplanes.  

The harder your vehicle works, the better Energy Release works saving you money, gas and time and preventing costly breakdowns.   If you race cars, motorcycles boats or anything that needs less friction and more power, you need Energy Release.  ER has more world records than any product on the market and will put you in the lead faster than anything else.   Remember, the winner is one of the finishers and if you want to finish, you need an engine that holds together.   There is no product that works like Energy Release.  

Energy Release in 16oz bottles.
  Energy Release 
Metal Conditioner
Energy Release family of products.
Energy Release in cars.
Saves you money and makes your race car go REAL FAST
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You too can enjoy the income security of being an Energy Release (ER)  Distributor.  With professional up line help and an aggressive marketing program, being an Energy Release distributor can be very enjoyable and a great way to meet new friends all while improving your income.  Energy Release works, it really works and it works very well.  ER comes in many different product forms, a Liquid Concentrate, Grease, Spray and more.  Energy Release makes an engine run better than any product that we ever tested.  ER can be used in cars, trucks, busses, machine shops, compressors, hydraulic systems, racing engines, and more. This is why an ER distributor has plenty room to increase his sales and enjoy the security of a second income.  The one thing about an Energy Release distributor is that they have that lets do it attitude, this is why you meet so many nice people when becoming a distributor.  The lets do it attitude belongs to people who don't have time to think of anything but good things and if you are reading this article you are one of those people.



From the Webmaster.
I use Energy Release everywhere.  This one fantastic product especially in heavy duty, hard usage vehicles and motors.  I use it in my compressor and it runs cooler and pumps up faster plus uses less electricity.  My furnace motor uses ER and the fan starts much faster with a lot less noise. 

I use ER in my motorcycle.  The engine runs cooler and has noticeably more power.  It's interesting because since Energy Release is not a lubricant, it cleans the carbon out of the clutch and the clutch works much better with less slippage. I use ER in my car, boat, truck, wheel bearings, lawnmower, riding mower, air conditioner, bicycle, fan motors, and anywhere where there is metal to metal friction and it always works great.   C. Jeff Dyrek.


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