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Racing Wheels.

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I/31AD6WS9NUL._SL500_AA240_.jpg" HSPACE=3 BORDER=0 height=280 width=280 alt="Thrustmaster 2969087 Rgt Force Feedback Pro Clutch Edition Wheel">
Product Description
Exclusive "5 axes" modes: wheel accelerator brake clutch and handbrake3 large robust aluminum pedals10 function actions buttons on wheel Exclusive force button on the wheel Oversized tube full rubber grip and 270 turning angle Metal axis and ball-bearing steering mechanism2 Sequential Shifter System options: 1 full-size sequential gearshift stick and 2 new reinforced wheel-mounted sequential levers System requires: PC USB (USB1 or USB 2) and Windows 98 SE ME 2000 XP or Vista
I/415BvhpR6sL._SL500_AA280_.jpg" HSPACE=3 BORDER=0 height=280 width=280 alt="Ferrari Universal 5-in-1 Challenge Wheel">
Product Description
Thrustmaster Universal 5-in-1 Challenge Wheel for PS2/PS3/GC/Wii/PC. Product manufactured under official Ferrari license. The name with worldwide notoriety! (exclusive on all platforms!) Ferrari is the icon of automotive competition and victory - values that are appreciated by gamers. Ferrari and Thrustmaster share the same values: passion, performance, innovation and quality. 5-in-1: PlayStation3, PlayStation2,PC, GameCube & Wii. One racing wheel for all game systems. Progressive pedal assembly. Progressive pedal assembly with footrest for precise and comfortable acceleration and braking. Linear resistance. Self-centering. Realistic wheel resistance thanks to the "bungee cord" system, an exclusive design bearing the mark of Thrustmaster's expertise. Mechanical components with recognized results (over 1.5 million units sold) (also available for PlayStation2). Ferrari-style on-wheel sequential gear shift levers Two Ferrari style digital gear shift levers located on the wheel. Central attachment system. Guarantees optimum stability (exclusive on all platforms!) MAPPING feature: fully programmable racing wheel. All buttons, directional buttons, pedals and levers can be relocated. Adjustable wheel sensitivity for precise driving
For Playstation 2 - PS3 - Nintendo Gamecube - Wii - PC / Realistic on-wheel sequential gear shift levers / Progressive pedal assembly
I/41u-xWkZk6L._SL500_AA280_.jpg" HSPACE=3 BORDER=0 height=280 width=280 alt="Saitek PH06 Cyborg Speedlink Portable 5.1 USB Headset">
Product Description
This Saitek PH06 Cyborg 5.1 Headset is Surround-Sound designed to enhance the realism of PC games and improve performance. It offers the ultimate performance advantage. Precision audio means you can tell exactly where enemies are while communicating more effectively with teammates. Combined with outstanding comfort, flexibility and portability, the Cyborg 5.1 Headset is the tool of choice for gamers who are hungry to win.
I/41dRz7haaTL._SL500_AA280_.jpg" HSPACE=3 BORDER=0 height=280 width=280 alt="Saitek GH30 Vibration Headset ( PH04AU )">
Product Description
Saitek entered the computer games controller market in 1993 and since then has grown to become the third largest brand in gaming peripherals for the PC with its extensive range of award-winning products that are designed and manufactured by Saitek purely to help gamers win. PRODUCT FEATURES: Rich Stereo sound and optimized mass with real vibration effects; Inline volume and vibration controls, cushioned headband, closed leatherette ear cushions, Flexible Mic. boom; Compatible with all communications and voice recognition software, as well as all leading sound cards; Connects via 3.5mm Stereo connector, and Mic connector; Powered by either USB or 2 AAA batteries.

Logitech Joysticks for Flight Simulators

  • 7 programmable buttons 
  • 8-way hat switch 
  • Rapid-fire trigger 
  • Stable, weighted base 
  • USB plug-and-play connection 
Product Description 
The force-feedback technology of Logitech's WingMan Force 3D joystick allows you to feel the action, weapon recoils, and explosions of your games. The space-saving design takes up minimal room on your desktop. Features include a twist handle function and lock, seven programmable buttons, eight-way hat switch, high-precision throttle, and rapid-fire trigger. It is compatible with USB-equipped PC systems.  
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick (963290-0403)
  • 8-way rubberized hat switch; select from 8 points of view 
  • Stable, weighted base helps keep joystick from moving 
  • Quick and easy access to fire weapons 
  • Twist handle provides rudder control, direction control, and view changes 
  • Rapid-fire trigger allows shots in quick succession 

Product Description:
LOGITECH Extreme 3D Pro Joystick -- Get your game face on with this specially designed Joystick. Its 12 fully programmable  buttons give you an incredible amount of flexibility and performance. USB interface Requires Pentium PC with 64MB RAM, 20MB available hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, USB port, Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP; or Macintosh with USB port running Mac OS  9, OS 10.x or higher

Logitech Force 3D Pro Joystick  
  • Feel the force of weapons, collisions and turbulence with incredible detail with  force feedback 
  • 8-way rubber hat switch lets you scan the skies 
  • High-precision throttle 
  • Rapid-fire trigger lets you fire shots in quick succession 
  • USB connectivity 
Product Description:
Master the skies with the Logitech Force 3D Pro. An improved Force Feedback mechanism responds more realistically to games that support force feedback, and provides great control even in those that don't. The 12 programmable buttons, precision  throttle, 8-way rubber hat switch, and twist handle give you all the tools you need to maintain air superiority. 

  • 8-way hat switch
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • Rotary throttle
  • Rudder (including motion lock)
  • USB or 15-pin game port connection 

From the Webmaster.  This is my Joystick.  I love it. Previously I bought a real expensive Microsoft Sidewinder Pro.  It was junk. The throttle had dead spots, the handle of the Microsoft Joystick had molding marks and I had to sand them off because they cut into my hand.  This joystick is so much better than the Microsoft joy stick that it's unbelievable.  This is top quality and I've used it for many years and I really don't want another one.  What For.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

  • Durable optical technology provides smooth precision and resists dirt, eliminating the need for cleaning
  •  Large finger-operated trackball is easy to use, offers superior control and reduces hand and wrist movement
  • Sleek shape is flexible enough to use in either hand
  • Limited 3 year warranty 

Product Description:
It's called a "joy" stick for a reason and in this case it's due to the exhilaration and freedom of gaming cordlessly. This  ultra-responsive cordless joystick features an easy-twist handle with aluminum trigger and weighted rubber base. The high-speed 2.4 GHz receiver (included) connects to your USB port to deliver reliable, lag-free performance up to 20' away. Other features include precise rudder control, 8-way hat switch and 10 programmable buttons. Comes with set up guide and CD-ROM software to customize buttons, download game profiles, assign shift buttons and more. Requires Windows 98/2000/Me/XP or Mac OS 8.6 or  later and Input Sprockets 1.7. Imported.



CH Products Flight Control Systems

Fighterstick Joystick

Product Description
The Fighterstick USB is our shining star of programmable joysticks. With more bells and whistles than you can possible imagine, we've designed this granddaddy of joysticks to keep you busy for hours on end. We'll even write your boss an excuse as to why you won't be in to work today!

Main Features

  • Manufacturer: CH Products
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 200-571
  • Manufacturer Website Address: www.chproducts.com
  • Product Type: Joystick
  • Connectivity Technology: Cable
  • Movement Detection Technology: Mechanical
  • Buttons & Controls: 3 x Push Button, 3 x 4-way Hat Switch, 1 x 8-way Point of View Hat Button, 1 x Mode Switch, Point of View Hat Button, Throttle
  • Interfaces/Ports: 1 x 4-pin Type A USB
  • Weight: 2.90 lb
  • Standard Warranty: 2 Year(s) Limited
  • CH Products USB Combatstick 568 with 8-Way Switch & 34 Programmable Functions
    Product Description
    With the look and feel of a real F-16 "Falcon" jet stick, the F-16 CombatStick USB offers gamers excellent control with the right amount of buttons which are layed out perfectly on the handle. Link this USB F16 Combatstick with a USB Pro Throttle and a set of USB Pro Pedals and you will have a USB "hands on" game control setup. If you want the best, get CH Products.
    • Total of 34 programmable functions with the new Control Manager software
    • 3 axis and 18 buttons (six push buttons, one 4 way hat switch, and one 8 way point of view hat)
    • Dual rotary trim controls allow for precision adjustment of ailerons and elevators
    • Quality components and construction
    • Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 & XP for PC and MacOS 8.6 with Input Sprockets 1.7x for Mac
    CH Products Pro Throttle USB with 8-Way Switch3 4-Way Switches 3-Buttons
    Product Description
    This is the one you've been waiting for. The USB Pro Throttle is the foundation of the advanced gamers control setup. The Pro Throttle button features will add the ability to successfully conquer the most advance sims and your best opponents. The smooth throttle slide control will help you out maneuver your opponents for hours in online combat arenas. You want the best, get CH Products. Sporting combat features to allow the new throttle to excel at flight sims to first person shooter games. New features of the pro throttle include a mode switch to allow three defined sets that can be switched on the fly. An LED light array to show the user which button set he or she has loaded: regular, combat, or advanced mode. A mini joystick is mounted for control with the thumb to allow advanced targeting, 360-degree view control, an excellent tool for racking up the "frags" in first person shooting games. The Pro Throttle USB is the meanest tool for combat / flight simulation produced by CH Products to date.
    • Mini-joystick for precise pointing or movement in supported games
    • LED mode switch indicator for PC users
    • Left handed jet grip style throttle
    • Ergonomic jet throttle grip
    • Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 & XP for PC and MacOS 8.6 with Input Sprockets 1.7x for Mac
    Special Flight Sim Captain's Flight Deck Bundle! CH Products Yoke, Throttle Quadrant, Rudder Pedals
    Product Description
    Realize your dream to fly. This bundle has everything that serious flight simmers crave. CH PRODUCTS USB FLIGHT SIM YOKE: Rock-solid, with a realistic design and feel, the Yoke has lots of programmable buttons and levers. It clamps to your desktop and has a USB interface that makes it a snap to plug-and-go. Easy to remove and store when you want to use your PC for work. Yoke includes 14 button functions: gear switch, flap switch, 4-way hat switch, two 2-way rocker switches, and 3 push buttons. It also has precision trim controls for electronic centering and 3-axis control with pitch, roll, and throttle lever. CH PRODUCTS THROTTLE QUADRANT: Controlling throttle, prop pitch and fuel mixture is as vital for flying an airplane as managing roll, pitch and yaw with your flight controllers. This versatile throttle quadrant is molded out of thick, high impact plastic. It has six multifunction levers on top with interchangeable caps including 4 black throttle tops, 2 blue prop tops, and 2 red mixture tops. Using the new CH Control Manager software, you can easily configure the quadrant to suit any type of aircraft. It also has six flip switches on front. The unit clamps securely onto the edge of your desk. CH PRODUCTS USB PRO PEDALS: Whether you're racing towards the finish line in your racing car or jet-setting between New York City and Tokyo, Pro Pedals from CH Products will get you there. The pedals' forward/backward sliding motion gives the rudder input for 'yaw' axis while its heel-toe motion provides differential toe braking control. Offering three axes of control and USB interface it offers added functionality with the plane or car simulator controls. Bundled with a 7 ft cable, Pro Pedals delivers heady realism to any auto racing or flight simulation adventure. Ultra-realistic feel, rugged design, built to last. Adapts to any flight or driving situation, any aircraft or ground vehicle. Easy installation with USB. Includes updated Control Manager software.
    CH Products Throttle Quadrant USB (300-133)
    Product Description
    CH Products is the innovative leader in precision control devices for industrial and commercial applications. CH Products has developed a wide range of controllers for a variety of applications. Its precision joysticks and trackballs have been integrated in a host of uses, including kiosk, motion control, heavy equipment, biotech devices and security cameras.PRODUCT FEATURES:6 Axis 24 Buttons;6 Physical Detents;Control Manager software enables 350 button positions.
    • 6 Axis 24 Buttons 6 Physical Detents
    • Fully Programmable with CH Control Manager software (included)
    • Control Manager software enables 350 button positions
    • Compatible with Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP and all Windows-based games
    • Built with the same rugged construction you've come to rely on with CH Products
    CH Multi Function Panel for All Windows Applications & PC Gaming

    CH Multi Function Panel for All Windows Applications & PC Gaming

    CH Multi Function Panel for All Windows Applications & PC Gaming


    Product Description
         Super Cool Technology  

    From the Manufacturer
    The CH Multi Function Panel incorporates the vast programmability of the CH Control Manager software and the Ergodex technology. Each panel comes with 25 repositionable keys which can be placed, removed, and repositioned to any location on the panels active surface, making each panel completely customizable by the customer. The panel also includes a removable clear tray that allows end users to create and place custom button templates beneath the tray, aiding in the identification of button placement. The MFPs award winning software allows up to 16 panels to be used on a single PC, making your virtual cockpit a little less virtual!

    The MFP includes two independent on-the-fly selectable programmed modes for each button giving users a total of 400 button positions with CM scripted and shifted green and red modes. Add additional panels and keys for up to 12,800 button positions. The possibilities are endless! Each button can perform any combination of the following:

    • Keystrokes
    • Joystick buttons
    • Mouse buttons
    • Joystick axis
    • Mouse axis

    This is a must-have for gamers in every genre or even the professional PC user.

    Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, XP 64 bit, and Vista (32 and 64 bit). Each MFP comes with one panel, one clear tray and one set of keys (1-25). Keys 26-50 and additional trays sold separately. Printable templates as shown in images may be obtained from the CH Products website at http://www.chproducts.com/retail/mfp.html.

    Computer Games Magazine--Editors Choice Award, March 2007
    Product Description
    Regain domination with the first revolutionary, fully programmable keyboard designed specifically for gamers! Expanding on the role of the traditional keyboard, the Multi Function Panel (MFP) allows the gamer to program individual keys. Each wireless, programmable key is re-usable, inexhaustible and can be removed and re-positioned anywhere on the MFP tray enabling a completely new customizable layout for each of your gaming needs.


    CH Products Eclipse Yoke with 240 Programmable Functions with Control Manager Software

    CH Products Eclipse Yoke with 240 Programmable Functions with Control Manager Software

    Product Description
    CH Products continues to bring solid durability, realism and programmability to your fingertips the new CH Eclipse Yoke. With its three color LED mode selector, this newly designed yoke features programmable trim/scroll wheels with center push function, fingertip paddles for flight and racing sims, and numerous hats and buttons, the CH Eclipse offers 240 programmable functions with the CH Control Manager Software. From LA to Sydney, over torrential bodies of water and massive terrain, through farmlands and wetlands, the CH Flight Sim Yoke has been a constant companion in the countless journeys you have taken for many, many years. It is time to finally retire that indestructible co-pilot now and say hello to a new friend -- the CH Eclipse Yoke. Works with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, XP 64, and Vista

    Fully Programmable Fingertip Paddles: ideal for flight and racing sims
    8-way POV hat and rocker switch on both left and right side of grip
    Programmable Trim/Scroll Wheel with center push function
    Three color LED selector dial
    Two backlit push buttons and third traditional push button
    Two 2-way flipper switches on base
    Two traditional push buttons on back of each grip
    6 analog 10bit axes, traditionally used for:
       Propeller Pitch
       Fuel Mixture
    Colored handles for Throttle/Prop/Mixture
    New and Imporved Industrial grade material and components
    Free Floating, non-binding shaft
    Adjustable clamps recommended for desks 3/4 to 2-1/4 inch thick
    Ergonomic Yoke handles with realistic in and out movement
    Large sturdy mounting base with 7 foot USB cable
    Plug and Play driverless USB installation
    Two year limited warranty


    CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB ( 200-615 )
    Product Description
    Command the skies with the king of flight simulator controls, the Flight Sim Yoke USB. This one of a kind yoke offers features that will allow you to fly with the realism you've come to expect from CH Products. The Flight Sim Yoke USB provides 5 axes of control including, pitch, roll, throttle lever, propeller lever, and mixture lever. It also features 20 button functions, including 2-way gear switch, 2-way flaps switch, 8-way hat switch, two 2-way rocker switches, and 4 push buttons. Pilots around the world applaud the comfortably placed prop, throttle and mixture levers. It's the closest thing you'll get to sitting in your own cockpit.

    Technical Details

    • Designed for use with flight simulator games
    • 5 axis of control including, pitch, roll, throttle lever, propeller lever, and mixture lever
    • 20 button functions including, 2-way gear switch, 2-way flaps switch, 8-way hat switch, two 2-way rocker switches, and 4 push buttons
    • 7 foot cable: easy setup
    • Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, XP, Me, iMac, or Mac (with USB port)







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