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Norfolk Southern Roadrailer

Robert West. Here we see the Roadrailer being pulled by Norfolk Southern Dash  840-B standard cabs north out of downtown Atlanta with the Atlanta skyline in the  background. Limited edition print is signed by the artist.



0R07090The Western Challenger
Railway Art Picture Print.
David Tutwiler. In this striking painting, the artist depicts the 3985 hauling  passenger coaches west across the Wyoming badlands heading for Weber Canyon,  and eventually up that infamous climb, Sherman Hill. 21"x 16?" limited edition print  is signed and numbered by the artist.  .....#0R07090
0R07315Pennsylvania Railroad's
Rockville Bridge
John Winfield.
Railway Art Print. 
This scene shows a big Pennsy Class M1 "Mountain" locomotive swinging off Rockville Bridge, just north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and into Enola Yard while M1a #6783 pulls out with westbound tonnage. The Pennsylvania Railroad completed the famous Rockville Bridge, the longest stone arch bridge in  the world, in 1902. 24"x 18" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist. 
0R07316Katy at Highland Park Station 
John Winfield.
Railroad Art Print. 
Here, the neon sign proudly announces the arrival of the beautiful Pacific-type locomotive and train. The locals have come out to watch the southbound pass in this nostalgic community, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. 24"x 18" print is signed and numbered by the artist. 
0R07317Austin Streamline
John Winfield.
Rail Art Print.
In this painting, the streamline and chrome era of the mid-20th century is depicted as the streamlined Texas Special, a joint Katy and Frisco  passenger train, is departing Austin, Texas on the last leg of its journey from St. Louis to San Antonio. 24"x 18" print is signed and numbered by the artist. 

0R07318Sunset Limiteds #1 and #2 at San Antonio 
John Winfield.
Train, Railway Art Print
The rains have just passed as T&NO's PA-1 #200 pulls out of the station to continue the run of train #2 to New Orleans. 24"x 18" print is signed and  numbered by the artist.  #0R07318



0R07319Denver & Rio Grande Western
John Winfield.
Railroad Art Print. 
This celebration of the D&RGW features the Moffat Tunnel, The California Zephyr, Tunnel Motores, F-9 #5771, a 3600 class 2-8-8-2, and narrow gauge operations in a collage of highlights from the Main Line through the Rockies.  18"x 24" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist. 

0R07320Burlington Northern
John Winfield. 
Railroad Picture Art Print.
The Burlington Northern was one of the biggest railroads in the world, as well a leader in locomotive development. Three examples of its first-rate diesel power are depicted here, set against the northwestern landscape in which  they operated so well. 24"x 18" print is signed by the artist.  #0R07320


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