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Rivals Meet in Minneapolis

Larry Fisher. 

The competition shown in the companion print (item #R07643)  continued into the diesel era. Here we see GN and NP first-generation diesels on  the other side of the Mississippi River (visible in background), where the Great Northern Depot served the western side of the Twin Cities. Signed and numbered  limited edition print measures 25"x 15".

McKay Lumber Co. Engine  No. 7

Art Olds. 

Both detailed and majestic, this print captures the beauty of mountain logging, while also representing the incredible ingenuity of a Shay locomotive. 15"x 11" print.  

Maine Central Railroad

St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Art Olds. 

Click Here we see a magnificent 2-8-2 of the Maine Central next to its smaller,  0-6-0 sibling. The scene is in St. Johnsbury, the end of the 130-mile line beginning  in Portland, Maine. 21"x 17?" print.  

Harrisburg Glory Days

Peter Lerro. 

The war is long over and the 1950s are just around the bend. America?s industrial might and ingenuity are now established worldwide. The  Pennsy shows the same prowess at Harrisburg, one of the many locations where it  offers a potpourri of steam and electric locomotives and an endless list of  passenger trains. 25"x 14" print is signed by the artist. #0R07691

Steam Locomotives

Highly detailed scale illustrations follow the development of the steam locomotive  from the earliest days to the giants of the mid-20th century. Includes 27 different  images with authentic paint schemes from historic railroads. (Complete your set  with Modern Locomotives, also available). 38?"x 26?" poster. 

Modern Locomotives

Features 31 beautiful scale illustrations of electric and diesel locomotives from around the world. Includes authentic paint schemes from many of the most famous  lines, and is a great companion to Steam Locomotives, also available. 38?"x 26?"  poster. 

0R07714 Midland Valley Decapod
Railroad Art Print.
Advertising for the "Muskogee Lines," of which the Midland Valley Railroad was a  part, included this image of a 2-10-0 Decapod locomotive built for the czar of Russia but imported to the U.S.A.after the Russian Revolution. 14"x 9?" print is  mounted in a 20"x 16" matte. 

0R07715 Broadway Limited
Sporting the slogan
Railroad Art Print.
"Speed and Security," this classic image of the Broadway Limited steams across a stone-arch bridge such as the famed Rockville Bridge. This nostalgic print measures 9?"x 14" and arrives mounted in a 16"x 20" matte. #0R07715

0R07462 Denver & Rio Grande Western  2-8-2 Engine
Art Olds.
Railroad History Art.
Art Olds. This print features a mainstay of the D&RGW, the big, powerful 2-8-2 "Mikado" K-series narrow gauge locomotive. 21"x 16" print. #0R07462

0R07463 Clatsop Timber
Art Olds. 

Railroad History Art Print.
Here is a beautiful, prototypical scene of a Climax geared engine and  timber operations in Clatsop County, Oregon, circa early 1900s. 21"x 16" print.  #0R07463

0R07306 819
John Winfield.

Railroad Art Poster
Thanks to the Cotton Belt Historical Society, "819" is beautifully  restored and ready to go thundering through the Arkansas hills once again. The  4-8-4 is depicted here on a long ago Blue Streak fast freight heading for Texas.  18"x 24" poster is signed by the artist. 




From Poland to Pullman

One man's Story

How Jacob Dyrek made his journey from Poland to the community of Pullman on the south side of Chicago. The hardships he and men like him endured. 

by Lorri Timbs

Jacob Dyrek,  from poland to pullman


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