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0R07610The Dixie Line
Robert West.
Railway Art Print. 
This is a northbound L&N Hummingbird in northern Alabama with a "See Rock City" barn - sheltering a typical John Deere tractor and flying a confederate battle flag - in the background. The Hummingbird, a very popular  train, traveled between Cincinnati and New Orleans on a daily basis. 23"x 14?" print  is signed by the artist.  

This scene depicts the end of the steam era on the Kansas City,  Mexico, and Orient in this west Texas city. The original "Orient" steamers have by  this time acquired some of the Santa Fe look after the 1928 buyout of the  bankrupt KCM&O. 24"x 18" print is signed by the artist. 
0R07612The City of Portland
Robert West. 

0R07402Full Steam to Placerville
Ted Blaylock. 
0R07107Juice Jacks
Jim Jordan. 
This print features the Bipolar E1 gearless locomotive which, in 1948, became the first of the Bipolars to be painted in the distinctive Hiawatha color scheme. By 1960, the rugged and reliable Bipolar could not compete with the more  technologically advanced locomotives. One by one, the mighty "juice jacks" were  retired from active service. 26"x 16" print is signed by the artist  #0R07107
0R07642Loram Ballast Cleaning the  Moffat Tunnel
Larry Fisher. 
As this dramatic painting shows, some of the most fascinating railroad  equipment is that used for maintenance and repair. 29"x 19" signed and numbered  limited edition print.  
0R07643Night Activity at the SPUD
Larry Fisher. 
Prior to their 1970 merger (forming the BN), Great Northern and the  Northern Pacific often competed for traffic in the Upper Midwest. This scene  shows GN and NP steam departing St. Paul's Union Depot, where both lines had a  significant presence. Signed and numbered limited edition print measures 25"x15"
Click Here we see GN and NP first-generation diesels on  the other side of the Mississippi River (visible in background), where the Great Northern Depot served the western side of the Twin Cities.Signed and numbered  limited edition print measures 25"x 15". 
0R07670 East Meets West at Banff
Larry Fisher. 

Railroad Art Print.
Banff, Alberta, a world-famous resort community, is served by one of  the world's most elegant passenger trains: The Canadian, the flagship of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Here, the year is 1955 and the westbound Canadian #1 has just arrived in Banff, while eastbound Canadian #2 slowly begins her departure. 26"x 17" limited edition print is signed and numbered by the artist. 
0R07671 Northern Pacific's Pride
Larry Fisher. 

Railroad Art Print.
Here is the Northern Pacific's North Coast Limited, headed by F9A  6501, climbing up through Bozeman pass. 25"x 29" limited edition print is signed  and numbered by the artist.  #0R07671

Railroad Art Print
This print is based on an early advertising image for the Union Pacific's  revolutionary M-10000 streamlined train introduced in 1934. Print is 14"x 9?" mounted in a 20"x 16" matte.


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From Poland to Pullman

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by Lorri Timbs

Jacob Dyrek,  from poland to pullman

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