Mary Ritz a north pole marathon runner from Wyoming, she was the first woman to run a marathon on the north pole

North Pole Marathon Mary Ritz

North Pole Expedition 2003
Martin Tighe (United Kingdom) was the winner of the North Pole Marathon 2003
This is Page Six for the North Pole Marathon.  Featured Runner, Mary Ritz
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This exhibit was posted on 5-29-2003



Please Note:  The background on this page is an aerial photo of the sea ice near the island of Svalbard, Norway

North Pole Marathon 2003 Page 6

Mary Ritz a Marathon runner from the USA
Photo by C. Jeff Dyrek
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Mary Ritz lives in Cody, Wyoming,

located on the east side of
   Yellowstone National Park in the Rocky Mountains. She has
   completed almost 100 marathons and ultras to date and is the
   only woman in the world to have run an ultramarathon on each of
   the seven continents.

   Trail ultras are Mary's favorite sport and she has run such notable
   events as the 160 Mile Patagonia Adventures Run, the Andes
   Adventure Run, the 100 Mile Himalayan Stage Race, the Sunrise
   To Sunset 100K in Mongolia, the Kilimanjaro 50K, the
   Laugavegurinn 55K in Iceland, and the Antarctica Artigas
   Adventure 50K Ultramarathon. Included among her marathons are
   the Everest Marathon in Nepal, which is the highest marathon in
   the world, and other 26.2 mile events in Nuuk (Greenland), Baffin
   Island (Canada), Cape Town (South Africa), Hamilton (New
   Zealand), Graz (Austria), Caracas (Venezuela), and 'The Last
   Marathon' on King George Island (Antarctica). 

   As well as enjoying running around the world, Mary is a highly
   accomplished horseperson and also likes hiking and climbing
   mountains. She was selected to represent Cody, Wyoming as a
   torchbearer for the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay. She subsequently
   carried the Olympic Flame in Montana as it made its way across
   the USA to the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City.

   Mary now seems set to be the first woman to run a marathon or
   ultra on all seven continents + the North Pole in the Arctic Ocean.
   We look forward to her being the first female to achieve the
   'Grand Slam'.

Text Courtesy of North Pole Marathon Official Site.

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