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Photo of The Pitts Aircraft Ready to go Fishing



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Photo of a Pitts Airplane Skimming the Water.
Carlos flying his Pitts Aerobatic Aircraft looking for a place to go fishing
Photo and Computer Effects by C. Jeff Dyrek

IAC Chapter 61

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This is a picture that I took over Macomb Illinois.  Carlos was flying his Pitts and we were in a Skybolt Aerobatics Aircraft.
I cut the picture of Carlos out of the picture over Macomb and then pasted it into the picture of the river.
I used Corel Photopaint do do the rest of the job and made the water splash up behind the wheels.
Then I took the plane and made a reflection of the plane in the water.  At that time,
I didn't know how to make the reflection inverted, so I did the best that I could. 
I saw this scene in a movie about the border patrol where they had an airplane
skimming the water.  I was so impressed with the pilots skills that I actually had
this scene in my mind for a long time before I ever met Carlos., but this is what inspired me
to put Carlos skimming the water.

Carlos had a whole article written about him in Sport Aerobatics Magazine a number of years ago.
The plane that you see is a Pitts S1S that Carlos built .  He did a fantastic job building it and he put the
Puerto Rican Flag on the top of the upper wind.

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