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Crepis Japonica, False Hawksbeard,
Edible wild plants for the Ultimate Survival.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster learning Survival from the Beavers
C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster

False Hawksbeard, Crepis Japonica, edible plants for your ultimate survival in the outdoors.  If you are going to visit the outdoors, you better be prepared with your minimum survival kit.  But, you also must be trained to survive in the wild.  Of all the equipment that you carry, knowledge works the best and doesn't weigh anything.

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Crepis Japonica, False Hawksbeard


Other Varieties of Hawksbeard.

There is an easy way to tell. Break a leaf. If it has a milky sap it is a lactuca, if not it is a crepis. It

Common Names
Oriental hawksbeard, asiatic hawksbeard
Other Names
Youngia japonica, Chondrilla Lyrata, Crepis japonica, Penanthes japonica, Prenanthes lyrata, Prenanthes multiflora, Younga lyrata, Youngia thunbergiana

Part of the Asteraceae (Daisy family)

The leaves are edible but other parts of the plant are used as medicine and can make you very ill.  For medicinal uses it is used for Snakebite, Conjuctuvitis: Tonsillitis: Toothache; Boils; Rheumatic arthritis; Common cold; Urinary tract infections; Calluses.

Edible Wild Plants Smooth and Rough Hawksbeard, great pictures.
Uses for Hawksbeard in food and medicine


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