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Tremendous Attack helicopters Video Games with special 3D effects these helicopter flight simulator video game software packages makes anything possible.

These airplane video games and flight simulators give you flight unlimited flying in different types of helicopters.  Also try Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, listed on this page, for some great helicopter flight simulator aircraft..  
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Attack Helicopter Video Games.

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Flight Sim Whirly Birds Adventures B00008QOE2Flight Sim Whirly Birds Adventures
by Abacus
Platform:    Windows 98 / Me / 95 / XP / 2000
  • For one player 
  • Helicopter add-on for MS Flight Simulator 2002 and 2004. 
  • Five new helicopters to fly 
  • Four new heliports include Lower Manhattan and Las Vegas 
  • Check out offshore oil rigs
Product Description
Take control of the stick in some of today's most popular helicopters as you fly tourists on adventures in Hawaii or Las Vegas/Grand Canyon. 
B0002FBCNWChopper Havoc
by Abacus
Platform:    Windows Me / 95 / XP / 2000 / NT / 98 
  • Fly seven popular aircraft - The AH-1 Cobra, AH-64 Apache, OH-58 Kiowa, UH-1 Huey, UH-60 Blackhawk, SA-342 Gazelle and VH-3D Sea King(Marine 1 Presidential) 
  • Travel to the military's busiest heliports - The US Army Proving Ground in Aberdeen, Maryland; Camp Yankee in Duxford, England; the bases in Pusan and Soeul -- even bases in Afghanistan and Iraq 
Product Description
While the fast and sexy planes such as the F-14 and B-2 Bomber get the glory, it's the helicopters that are right in the thick of things  hovering above the danger. As a chopper pilot, you'll fly these swift and nimble birds down into the action with guns blaring. On some assignments, you'll fly cover for rescue missions or scout out new territory ahead of the advancing front line. If fate is on your side and  you outlast the enemy, you'll be called into duty again
B00004VWM4Enemy Engaged: Comanche Vs. Hokum B00004VWM4Enemy Engaged: Comanche Vs. Hokum
by Take2 Interactive Software
Windows 95 / 98 / Me 
  • Helicopter combat flight simulator
  • Fly reconnaissance, ground strike, air-patrol missions, and more
  • Fly either the American-made RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter or the Russian-made KA-52 Hokum
  • Play as either pilot or gunner 
  • Multiplayer support for up to 16 players via LAN, Internet, or serial connection 
B00002SUQV B00002SUQVKA-52 Team Alligator
by Infogrames
Platform:    Windows 95 / Me / 98
   from 3.74 
  • Detailed, realistic modeling of the KA-52 Alligator assault helicopter
  • Advanced multiplayer gameplay for up to 6 players
  • Cooperative and Deathmatch modes with real-time multiplayer chat capability
  • A diverse variety of terrain and environmental textures
  • Realistic ground explosions and a fully animated copilot
The Kamov Ka-52 Alligator is one of the Russian Army's premier combat helicopters, and KA-52 Team Alligator lets players lead a squad of these death-dealing machines into battle. Novice pilots looking for a little quick action in a graphically rich environment will love this helicopter game, but enthusiasts who like their simulations firmly rooted in reality will want to give Team Alligator a flyby.

Whether you sign up for a complete campaign or hop into a single mission, all flights begin with a mission planning session that lets you get a look at the topography of the mission area and designate targets and waypoint for the flight. As the name implies, this game is more about coordinating a team of helicopters than buzzing around on lone-wolf missions, so a little time spent with the Mission Planner can yield huge dividends when a mission is actually flown.

The game is far from perfect, but it is still a lot of fun. The main problem is the sloppy physics model, which has none of the "feel" more realistic helicopter simulations provide. Those who favor realistic simulations will find that the play experience is a little too much like playing an arcade game. Team Alligator definitely benefits from a joystick with a throttle control--otherwise changing altitude is too much of a chore. If you have a snazzy joystick and no real desire to have to learn dozens of advanced flight instruments and systems, Team Alligator is the game you've been waiting for. --T. Byrl Baker 

From the Webmaster:  This game sounds like a kids helicopter game with tremendous graphics and large groups of helicopters that are with you when you go on missions, which, to me, sounds like a lot of fun! 

B000059GZH B000059GZHM.I.A. (Jewel Case)
by Infogrames
Platform:    Windows 95 / 98 
   from 0.01, yes, this is true.









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