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Logitech Joysticks for the flight simulator fan, now with cordless freedom
PC Games and Computers work much better with Logitech Wingman Joysticks. Video Games and Flight Simulators Come Alive. Logitech Joystick are some of the very best quality joysticks.  These Joy Sticks feel like the real thing.  I own a Logitech Joy Stick myself. 

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Great Video game accessories for the PC Computer. joy sticks for every need from Logitech.  Logitech Wingman Force feedback, throttles, and now cordless joysticks for the joystick technology of the future.

Make your PC Games and Computer Games more realistic by using the Logitech Wingman Joysticks.  Using a good Logitech Wingman joystick and joystick combination sets or good steering wheels for your racing games, especially with the Logitech force feedback functions can greatly enhance your computer gaming excitement.  When your plane stalls or hits turbulence, you feel it in your Logitech joystick.  When your car hits the rough roads, with Logitech force feedback, you feel it.  When your flying your favorite flight simulator and you need a throttle instead of the keypad, you'll be glad.  Computer gaming is getting closer and closer to the real thing.  I'm a real pilot and I practice very often with my Microsoft Flight Simulator so I can get those perfect landings.  And for the unexpected engine failure, the kind that you don't want to practice in a real plane, I use the flight simulators to give me that edge in an emergency.  So if you are flying your PC Game Simulator for practice or just to look at the scenery, you need the best Logitech joystick combination for your added realism.  I use the Logitech Wingman Force Feedback 3D.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster
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Logitech Flight System G940 Force Feedback Joystick

From the Manufacturer
Logitech Flight System G940 provides simulator-grade flying with authentic controls and realistic force feedback. Its design is inspired by military and commercial controls for an experience that's more realistic and more fun. Force feedback lets you feel your aircraft react to air, turbulence, and g-forces. Plus a dual throttle, rudder pedals, and interactive, programmable throttle-base buttons give you the true-to-life control you want.

Logitech Flight System G940—authentic controls and realistic force feedback for a simulator-grade flying experience.

Take to the skies with the authentic controls and realistic force feedback effects of Logitech Flight System G940.  Designed to deliver the definitive sim flying experience, each component is carefully crafted with realism in mind. We looked to military and commercial planes and helicopters for inspiration. You get an experience that's more realistic and more fun, with important controls that look, feel, and work just like the real thing.  Feel wind on your wings. Control engines together or independently. And master tricky maneuvers.  Every aircraft—from an A380 to an F/A-18 Hornet to a Comanche helicopter—behaves and feels like the real thing. From takeoff to landing.

An authentic design inspired by military and commercial planes and helicopters provides a flying experience that's more realistic and more fun, with important controls that look, feel and work like the real thing. The force feedback joystick allows you to control your aircraft with confidence as you feel its movement as well as its reaction to air turbulence and g-forces. The dual throttle allows you to precisely control multi-engine aircraft using the split lever. Rudder pedals with toe brakes give you true-to-life control, especially when rudder control is essential such as performing defensive maneuvers and crosswind landings, or piloting helicopters. Interactive, programmable throttle-base buttons integrate with simulation software and illuminate red, green, amber or off to indicate the status of critical aircraft systems, just like they would a real cockpit.


Logitech Wingman Force 3D

  • 7 programmable buttons 
  • 8-way hat switch 
  • Rapid-fire trigger 
  • Stable, weighted base 
  • USB plug-and-play connection 
Product Description 
The force-feedback technology of Logitech's WingMan Force 3D joystick allows you to feel the action, weapon recoils, and explosions of your games. The space-saving design takes up minimal room on your desktop. Features include a twist handle function and lock, seven programmable buttons, eight-way hat switch, high-precision throttle, and rapid-fire trigger. It is compatible with USB-equipped PC systems.  
Price: $17.95 
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick (963290-0403) Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick (963290-0403)
by Logitech 

  • 8-way rubberized hat switch; select from 8 points of view 
  • Stable, weighted base helps keep joystick from moving 
  • Quick and easy access to fire weapons 
  • Twist handle provides rudder control, direction control, and view changes 
  • Rapid-fire trigger allows shots in quick succession 

Product Description:
LOGITECH Extreme 3D Pro Joystick -- Get your game face on with this specially designed Joystick. Its 12 fully programmable  buttons give you an incredible amount of flexibility and performance. USB interface Requires Pentium PC with 64MB RAM, 20MB available hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, USB port, Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP; or Macintosh with USB port running Mac OS  9, OS 10.x or higher
ASIN: B00009OY9U

Logitech Force 3D Pro Joystick Logitech Force 3D Pro Joystick
by Logitech 

  • Feel the force of weapons, collisions and turbulence with incredible detail with  force feedback 
  • 8-way rubber hat switch lets you scan the skies 
  • High-precision throttle 
  • Rapid-fire trigger lets you fire shots in quick succession 
  • USB connectivity 
Product Description:
Master the skies with the Logitech® Force™ 3D Pro. An improved Force Feedback mechanism responds more realistically to games that support force feedback, and provides great control even in those that don't. The 12 programmable buttons, precision  throttle, 8-way rubber hat switch, and twist handle give you all the tools you need to maintain air superiority. 
Logitech WingMan Extreme Digital 3D

  Only Available Used. 
  • 8-way hat switch
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • Rotary throttle
  • Rudder (including motion lock)
  • USB or 15-pin game port connection 
  • ASIN: B00001W01M

From the Webmaster.  This is my Joystick.  I love it. Previously I bought a real expensive Microsoft Sidewinder Pro.  It was junk. The throttle had dead spots, the handle of the Microsoft Joystick had molding marks and I had to sand them off because they cut into my hand.  This joystick is so much better than the Microsoft joy stick that it's unbelievable.  This is top quality and I've used it for many years and I really don't want another one.  What For.  C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster.

Webmasters Update.  I had this joystick for about ten years.  Just yesterday, the hat switch was starting to give me problems, so I will be looking for another joystick.

Logitech WingMan Strike Force 3D (USB)
by Logitech

  • Durable optical technology provides smooth precision and resists dirt, eliminating the need for cleaning
  •  Large finger-operated trackball is easy to use, offers superior control and reduces hand and wrist movement
  • Sleek shape is flexible enough to use in either hand
  • Limited 3 year warranty 
  • ASIN: B0000659BP
New Cordless Technology
Logitech Cordless Freedom 2.4 Cordless Joystick
by Logitech

Product Description:
It's called a "joy" stick for a reason and in this case it's due to the exhilaration and freedom of gaming cordlessly. This  ultra-responsive cordless joystick features an easy-twist handle with aluminum trigger and weighted rubber base. The high-speed 2.4 GHz receiver (included) connects to your USB port to deliver reliable, lag-free performance up to 20' away. Other features include precise rudder control, 8-way hat switch and 10 programmable buttons. Comes with set up guide and CD-ROM software to customize buttons, download game profiles, assign shift buttons and more. Requires Windows 98/2000/Me/XP or Mac OS 8.6 or  later and Input Sprockets 1.7. Imported.
ASIN: B00006OP9C



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