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 Make your computer games more realistic.  Using good joysticks and joystick/throttle combination sets or good steering wheels for your racing games, especially with the force feedback functions can greatly enhance your computer gaming excitement.  When your plane stalls or hits turbulence, you feel it.  When your car hits the rough roads, with force feedback, you feel it.  When your flying your favorite flight simulator and you need a throttle instead of the keypad, you'll be glad.  Computer gaming is getting closer and closer to the real thing.  I'm a real pilot and I practice very often on my flight simulator so I can get those perfect landings.  And for the unexpected engine failure, the kind that you don't want to practice in a real plane, I use the flight simulators to give me that edge in an emergency.  So if you are flying your PC Game Simulator for practice or just to look at the scenery, you need the best joystick combination for your added realism.  C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster
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B00001RMDELogitech Wingman Gamepad Extreme
by Logitech
Used & new from 20.00

B00004Z474Microsoft Sidewinder Game Voice
by Microsoft


  • Voice command and control within games
  • Based on instant messaging technology, Game Voice's connection management software lets users quickly and easily
  • find and connect to their friends
  • Includes a quality voice cancellation mic for optimal speech recognition
  • Group teammates or individuals into 5 distinct channels for private chat
  • Broadcast up to 64 players at once 
At this , you can't go wrong! Product Description
Communicate or die--the common problem of all team-based games. Now talk to your friends during your PC games instead of typing,  with SideWinder Game Voice. It enables effective team play over Internet or LAN connections. Gameplay is uncompromised and the  sound is terrific! Have your friends join in on the action with Game Voice Share software, available for free download.

Benefits include voice command and control within games. Game Voice comes with a speech recognition engine that allows you to simply  speak a command like "grenades" or "flaps down" within a game instead of hunting for the keyboard shortcut. Use one of the prebuilt  profiles or create your own. You can also find and connect to your friends easily. Based on instant messaging technology, Game Voice's  connection management software lets users quickly and easily find and connect to their friends. It also shows users when their friends are online. And you can talk to your PC. Game Voice includes a quality voice-cancellation mic for optimal speech recognition. 

B00000JD3LLogitech Wingman Gamepad
by Logitech
Used & new from 18.99
B000069JX9Microsoft SideWinder Game Pad USB
by Microsoft
B00006B7HFMicrosoft Sidewinder Freestyle Pro with Matt Hoffman Pro BMX Software
by Microsoft Input
B00006DIBRMicrosoft Sidewinder Gamepad with Tony Hawk Software
by Microsoft
List 3 
B00004Z729Microsoft Sidewinder Freestyle Pro
by Microsoft
Used & new from  
B00005NIMCMicrosoft Sidewinder Gamepad Pro
by Microsoft
List   9 







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