Forever Young

A Love Story about time travel and

the B-25 Mitchell Bomber




Forever Young Movie Picture

Subtitled in Spanish

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From the webmaster:  Is love everlasting?  Watch this great love story and you will see how you can remain forever young.  This was a great movie!  I've watched it more than ten times.  A B-25 Mitchell test pilot who is frozen in time during a suspended animation experiment comes back to life somewhere in about 1990.  Don't miss the action and don't miss the fantastic love story.  This movie is also great for kids.   C. Jeff Dyrek essential video 
A surprise sleeper hit when released in 1992, this romantic fantasy works as a comedic adventure and a gentle tearjerker thanks to Mel Gibson's appealing performance. He plays Daniel, a daring test pilot who is deeply distraught by the apparent death of his girlfriend,  Helen, in 1939. Feeling little reason to live, he volunteers for a pioneering cryogenics experiment and is thawed out 50 years later by two young boys. They bring the confused pilot home to Nat's single mom, Claire (Jamie Lee Curtis). There's a hint of romance, but Daniel  desperately needs to know if Helen really died in 1939, and he discovers that love has a way of surviving a half-century leap in time. The  premise is hokey and certain plot details are conveniently ignored, but Gibson, Curtis, and Elijah Wood (as Nat) hold it together with  irresistible charm and just the right balance of fantasy and drama. --Jeff Shannon 

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