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Photo of an F-16 Afterburner

Libby poses next to this F-16 Falcon afterburner in the hanger of the 183rd Fighter Squadron in Springfield Illinois


On the Youth of America
Youth Innovative Business Environment Training
Teaching Our Kids by Exposing Them to the Right Stuff.


Visiting the Air National Guard
183rd Fighter Squadron, 6-12-2000
Springfield, IL.

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from left to right is Steve, Libby and Steff

Libby said that she wanted to have her picture taken next to this f-16 Falcon afterburner.  All of the kids learned about the variable exhaust nozzle on these jets and the after burner rings.  The F-16 uses a single variable flow afterburner ring where the older, I'm not sure about the newer models, F-14 tomcats used a five stage after burner which ignited each ring in succession as the throttle was advanced.  This variable flow unit allowed a smoother transition between afterburner settings as the throttle was advanced.

An after burner uses a tremendous amount of fuel.  I think it flows about much fuel as a fire hose flow water.  The afterburner really adds a lot of power to the engine because it essentially changes the Turbofan Jet Engine into  a Rocket engine.  This is just hearsay but I was told an F-14 has only fifteen minutes of fuel at full afterburner.

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