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These kids get to take a close look at a Bradley fighting vehicle.  The quad cities airshow committee works real hard every year to ensure that there are a variety of technological examples from a wide spectrum of engineering areas.   The kids may not be able to actually describe everything that they learned, but seeing everything from tanks to jet aircraft definitely put bricks of knowledge into the foundation of their development.
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With the Y-I-BET program, 

we can turn our public housing developments into Learning developments

The Quad Cities Airshow Field Trip Series 7-14-2000 

The Bradley Fighting Vehicle is one of the machines at this years airshow in the quad cities.

Kids stand on top of a Bradley Fighting VehicleClick Here the kids get to see a Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Click on the photo for a close-up view.
These kids move from the howitzer to a Bradley fighting vehicle.  In the background is an Abrams M1A1 super tank.  Here they get first hand experience of the difference between these machines.  Standing on a tank or any of the armored vehicles helps put things in perspective when the kids see these things on tv.  This program is not just a one time affair, it is a succession of field trips and programmed movies providing spaced repetition and a greater cognitive connection helping to develop the kids intellect.  When this is combined with going to school, these kids have a tremendous advantage over the kid who only participates in sports events year after year.



The air show attendance was as follows.
Adult Members:

Youth Members: 

 Total members present: 7

Kids from this youth group get to sit on a real big gun on this howitzer.

The Bradley fighting vehicle as well as the M1A1 Abrahams tank are media popular military vehicles.  Viewing these vehicles first hand makes news articles and movies more fascinating keeping them engrossed with today's events. 

This is what it's all about, giving the kids more experience so when they go to school or watch the news they stay interested because they can say, I've done that, I've seen that or I've been there.  Think about this in your own life.  If you've seen something or have been there before you have a greater tendency to read an article about it or watch a news report concerning that place or thing.  It really works. 


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