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Kids learn that not all military vehicles have some kind of weapon on them.  The military consist of many types of non-weapon vehicles from trucks and dozers to transport ships and spacecraft.  Because of the quad cities air show and air shows like this one, people, not only kids get to see where their tax dollar is going.
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With the Y-I-BET program, 

we can turn our public housing developments into Learning developments

The Quad Cities Airshow Field Trip Series

A military version of the bull dozer 

Military vehicles are more than tanks and gunsSteve sits on a military vehicle which doesn't have a gun.

Click on the photo for a close-up view.
Do you think all military vehicles have to be weapons?  One of the greatest weapons is one of these dosers.  These kinds of vehicles are used to make roads and runways so the military can operate anywhere in the world.


The air show attendance was as follows.
Adult Members:

Youth Members: 

 Total members present: 7

Kids learn that the military isn't just guns, it's a way to build a future.

Just because it doesn't have a gun doesn't mean it's not military.  Kids from the Bushnell housing development see many military vehicles that don't have guns.  This dozer for instance.  Other vehicles would be rescue helicopters, transport aircraft, trucks, fire equipment, ambulances and even porta potty vehicle.  Most of the jobs in the military are not soldiers that the movies glorify as carrying guns, these jobs consist of mechanics, technicians, supply, controllers, managers, equipment operators and medical personnel to name a few. 

When the kids see these different jobs, they conceptualize their future as becoming a real worker and not only cops and robbers that are seen on tv.  If you ask a kid what they want to do when they grow up, many of them reply with a I don't know.  Most of the college students whom I've asked this question gave me the same answer as the grade school kids, "I don't know." 

When Scientific American Magazine asked Chinese kids what they wanted to do they said they wanted to grow up as engineers or scientist.  When the asked grade school kids from the Chicago area what they wanted, the kids replied with answers like, I want toys. 

What's the difference between these countries.  Our media teaches us to buy, buy, buy, that's what creates happiness.  Our hero's are becoming someone who can hit more home runs or sink more baskets.  But, if the kid isn't able to jump fifteen feet into the air he isn't cool. 

This material world doesn't leave any room for becoming.  Becoming something or someone that can improve our country or benefit all mankind is becoming the real hero.

Bringing kids to air shows and taking them to air force bases and just even factories gives the kid a new hero, the ones that true expectations of their future can be built on.  This is Y-I-BET on the youth of America


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