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Young girls like Barchetta need a chance too.  They can do things that they never did before like sitting in a C-130 Hercules, or standing on a tank or even riding in a flight simulator.  The quad cities air show and air shows like that give kids the opportunity to do the stuff that kids like to talk about.  Sitting in a hercules is something that young girls like Barchetta will tell all of their friends about.
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With the Y-I-BET program, 

we can turn our public housing developments into Learning developments

The Quad Cities Airshow Field Trip Series 7-14-2000 

A C-130 makes young girls like Barchetta smile 

Barchetta sits in a C-130 HerculesBarchetta sits in a C-130 Hercules.

Click on the photo for a close-up view.
Look at the smile on this young girl.  She is sitting in the pilots seat of a c-130 hercules cargo airplane.  Do you think she's learning anything?  Is this an experience that she is going to get by just staying at home?  Her life is changed from this day on.  She can say, "Been there, Done That."
The air show attendance was as follows.
Adult Members:

Youth Members: 

 Total members present: 7

Barchetta is learning about the C-130 Hercules

Barchetta is really enjoying herself because she is doing something that young girls don't usually have a chance to do.   Sitting in the Pilots seat is something that will develop conservation and dreams.  Yes, we need dreams but we also need conservation to internalize these dreams and spread the ideas of these dreams to kids that didn't have the chance to experience the great events that the Y-I-BET kids did. 

Another reason for developing conservation is that when a kid is talking about the good times that they had at the air show, they're not talking about sex and drugs.  There's only so much time in a day.  When a portion of this time is being occupied by talking about airplanes, there is less time for talk about unrefined, ill-bred, common, vulgar subjects.

If you are fighting a battle, one of your strategic moves would to be to keep the enemy busy doing matters other than expanding their cause.    The battle here is against drugs, profanity and premarital sex.  When a kid talks about airplanes, they are not only spending time, they are spreading the excitement about airplanes and teaching others about the knowledge that they gained. 

This is why we need to keep these kids busy with technology, a subject that a kid can build their future on.  A subject that is the last stronghold of the American economy. 

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