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Youth Innovative Business Environment Training.  A kids program that teaches kids to learn and have fun by doing good things and becoming involved in educational activities.  We do this by going to air shows, museums, high tech events, building models, and watching movies of adventure, travel and all with good morals.  This is what it's all about.  Learning to have fun by learning and doing the right things, the things that put building blocks into a kids future and good thoughts into a kids mind. That's Y-I-BET on the Youth of America.

The Y-I-BET program is designed to get kids interested in technology and provide a way to keep them interested while they learn. 
Y-I-BET is an experimental program with great hopes of becoming a powerful way to keep kids pointed in the right direction.  The following pages show some of the experiments that have been performed, testing each part of the program for educational benefits, the kids interest in the activities, feasibility and total program cost. 

Two Experimental Aircraft Chapters, EAA Chapter 350 from Monmouth Illinois,  IAC Chapter 61 from Litchfield Illinois and the Lamoine Ramblers Motorcycle Club in Macomb Illinois all have been instrumental in providing help with this program over the past couple of years.   These chapters were unknowingly part of this experimental project until the release of this years March Newsletter which described the program and their involvement. 

Through the use of existing clubs and organizations and by independent activities, Y-I-BET intends to provide educational activities for the kids by using two methods.  First, to bring existing programs like the Boy Scouts, Young Eagles, Big Brothers and many other programs together so kids can attend the activities of any or all programs with only a parental permission slip, averting the  incredible paperwork trap that we now have.  Second, to provide an extension to existing programs which will allow additional training through kids activities and meetings that will help integrate  these existing programs. 

Y-I-BET is currently working with the kids and their families from the low income housing project in Bushnell, Illinois.  Even though kids from any part of town may join, we believe the housing project is the most important place to start. 

Click Here's the formula for success using Air Shows.

1.  Watch a movie about the type of aircraft that you will see at the air show. During the movie, point out the afterburners, mention the aircraft types, talk about how the aircraft systems work. Have a pilot visit the movie event showing some of his pilot equipment.

2.  Build models of the aircraft that you will see at the air show.  Talk about the benefits of model building.  Tell stories of similar aircraft.  Talk about the aircraft parts.  Take pictures.

3.  Go to the air show. Take lots of pictures.

After coming home, review the show and cultivate interest in future field trips.

4.  Watch a slide show of the air show.  Let the kids invite their friends which haven't seen the show.  Give the kids a small toy of one of the planes seen at the show.  Cultivate interest in future field trips.

We intend on showing the movies one night a week in four projects per week making four nights a week using the equipment.


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This is the story of a girl who was mistreated by everyone that she met.  Mistreated in every way and abused.  I have worked with her and her family almost every day since 2003.  The page leads to a PDF document and this section will have a lot added to it.  It's a terrible shame how a society, the supposedly great United States can let a person grow up without a proper education, but Blaire is one of those people and is struggling through life on a day by day basis.  She once told me that my mom and me were the only people to ever treat her like a decent person.
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How to Use Magazines to Teach Your Kids 
Magazines are a great way for your kids to learn about aviation.  We placed magazines in different parts of the house to see where the kids showed the most interest in reading.  The results of this experiment was very interesting.
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Model Airplanes 
Models are a great way to teach kids about many different things.
Building model airplanes teach kids how to read blueprints, about the different parts of the airplane, about model making and mechanical skills and a whole lot more.  This article has some very good pictures and fantastic results.
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When used in conjunction with other activities, movies become a great teaching aid. Our youth group didn't watch just any movie, we coordinated the subject matter with the other activities that we were working on.  This was a super successful method of teaching kids and keeping them interested.
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We collated, folded, stamped, stapled and labeled the newsletters for EAA Chapter 350 and IAC Chapter 61.  This program didn't stop at just being a spectator, it took an active role in aviation.  I was the Newsletter Editor for both International Aerobatics Club IAC-61 and the Experimental Aircraft Association EAA-350 so using a little innovation I used the youth to learn the business of making newsletters.  Steff said, "It takes two stamps to go to Germany."  Lots of photos.
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Kids love races, they learn about track operations, race engines, race classes and have fun.   I've been a race track announcer for seventeen years total.  When we take our youth group to the races they get to do things that benefit the track.
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School Visitations 
We went to the local schools to talk about our travels and different ways of life.
Our efforts didn't stop there.  We went to different schools and talked about aviation and travel and brought foreign visitors to tell about their countries.
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Springfield Air Rendezvous 2001.  
Macomb Fly in 2001
Two years before Steve bought a model of Susan Dacy an Aerobatic Flyer.  He kept the model in the same blister package and when she was there again, we chased her down and had her sign it.
Smith Airport
Macomb, Illinois.  We always take Y-I-BET kids to the Smith Airport, C-10, to see the aerobatic aircraft, both completed or under construction.  Also Click Here to See the Pitts Pages.
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Prairie Air show 2001
This was a real hot one and there was no water that we could find.  The show was good and they had a good static aircraft display.  We brought about six kids on this one.  The kids got to sit in aircraft and watch the jet truck blast down the runway at three hundred miles an hour in six seconds.
Quad Cities Air show 7-14-2000
Davenport, Iowa The quad cities air show is one of the best.  They always have some fantastic static military and fun displays and a great air show too.
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Bloomington "Prairie" Air show 7-8-2000
Bloomington, Illinois now in Peoria, this is a great air show with usually the Blue Angels or the USAF Thunderbirds.
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Field Trip to 183rd Fighter Squadron 6-12-2000
Springfield, Illinois.  This is a real good one.  We had the grand tour of the base and a super close look at an F-16 Falcon.  We had two van loads of kids on this trip.
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EAA Chapter 350, Young Eagles Day, 6-3-2000 
Monmouth, Illinois.  Here's some great pictures of this fantastic program that takes kids on free airplane rides under the Young Eagles Program. 
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Bushnell-Prairie City Elementary School
Bushnell, Illinois, Nao Miyasaka came to tell about his town in Japan, Nagano, where they had the Olympics this year.
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Macomb Fly-in and Air show 1999 Macomb, Illinois
At this air show Steve bought a model of Susan Dacy. Read above to see what he did with it two years later.  
Quad Cities Air show 
Davenport, Iowa
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Roger Smith's Airplane Shop
Macomb, Illinois  We had a number of kids and parents from the Bushnell Housing Development go to Roger's Airplane Shop.  Here he is always working on or building a new airplane.  The kids get to look at the airplanes all of the way from construction to flying.  This is a very special privilege.
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Springfield Air Rendezvous
 Springfield, Illinois

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