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Smith Airport
Macomb Illinois
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 Destanie Miller Visits Smith Airport

Destanie with Henry Smith.  Henry shows her how a constant speed propeller works.  On another plane in the hangar, Destanie commented, "I didn't know that they make propellers out of wood!"

Smith Airport is always a great place to visit.  We have taken many kids to see the airplanes and skydivers that are stationed there.   Henry and Betty Smith are very nice to everyone and they're great people to visit.

When  kids and young adults like Destanie go to the airport, they learn a lot, a whole lot.  This is a whole new world with new exciting people that are normally only  part of some wild dream.  Here they meet the heroes of the community.  They meet the people that others only talk about.  Destanie is 20 years old and has never seen an airplane on the ground.  This is a crime. It's amazing how there are so many pilots and airports in the United States and very few people get to see airplanes up close.  We need to make airplane awareness a full time goal so that the young people have a chance to develop dreams.  This is important for the future of our countries technological growth and the future of aviation.

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