YIBET on the Youth of America, Kids Training Program


On the Youth of America
Youth Innovative Business Environment Training

Experiments with Activities


Using the EAA Chapter 350 & IAC Chapter 61 Newsletters to Teach Your Kids about Airplanes And Business

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The table is set up as a production line

This is the setup at home.  I collate and staple the news letters, Lorri folds them, Steve puts the labels on and Steff puts on the stamps.  "Don't forget, Gordon Phillips in Wolgast Germany needs two stamps."  Tabby wasn't here the night that this photo was taken, but she has helped many times.  Steve, Steff and Destanie all have done the copying process and Steve, Steff, Tabby and Lorri have done the collating process. 

This is a monthly event and provides a good time for friendly interaction between everybody involved.  The kids learn about non-profit business organizations, communication between the members of the organization and some of the jobs that are required to operate that organization.


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