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Using Motorcycle races to teach kids about business and technology at the Lamoine Ramblers Motorcycle Club

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Barchetta sings the National Anthem

Take a close look at Barchetta's face.   She is feeling the National Anthem deep within her heart.  This really is a great country and she is part of it.  You have to remember, Barchetta is from the low income housing project in Bushnell, Illinois.  Most of the people that are  living there are because of the lack of a proper education and the one subject that is rarely talked about is national unity.  When we give the Pledge and sing our National Anthem, all of the kids are instructed to take off their hats and put their hands over their hearts.  If these kids never learn anything else, they need to learn about national pride and unity, this is why our country is so great.  If we let this very important lesson slip by, we will no longer have a great country. 

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