YIBET on the Youth of America, Kids Training Program


Kids visit the Lamoine Ramblers Motorcycle Club
in Macomb Illinois


On the Youth of America
Youth Innovative Business Environment Training

Experiments with Activities

Using Motorcycle races to teach kids about business and technology at the Lamoine Ramblers Motorcycle Club

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From left to right: Tabby, Jennifer, Josh, Stephanie, Steven.

Two weeks have gone by and we're back at the races.  Stephanie bangs hands with Tabby saying let's do it, we're ready. 

Taking kids to the races is a very exciting time in their lives.  The noise, the activity, the technology.  Racing is full of technology and somewhere near just about every town in America there is a racetrack booming with the latest technology ready for people to see. 

Most of the kids from the housing project never get to see races, they never get to see airplanes and I have even talked to two kids from this housing project that have never even been to the country.  It's hard to believe it because Bushnell is a small town located in the middle of America's corn belt.   The point is that we want our kids to grow up like ladies and gentleman with professional attitudes but we don't want them to make any noise or do anything in the process.   They are told to go get a stick and hit a ball or to go bounce a ball and throw it through a little basket.  Our high tech world is much more complex than that.  We need people who understand mechanics and physics, who understand personal communication and fair dealing in business. 

Racing can provide a lot of the technical skills that our country needs.  It's not just going fast around the track, racing means night after night working in the garage rebuilding your engine, experimenting with new suspension and carefully studying your machine to see if you can improve engine performance, reduce weight or reduce drag.  Yes, just like airplanes, racing requires a knowledge of aerodynamics too.  Bouncing a ball doesn't provide our country with much more than just something to do when you're bored.

I believe that taking kids to the race track as part of the Y-I-BET program is essential.  Since there are very few airshows in the region, usually only two a year, racing fills the void with a fun, educational activity that helps build dreams.


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