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Y-I-Bet on the Youth of America

Youth Innovative Business Environment Training.
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What are doing for our kids.  This kids program is designed to give them the best possible chance for a Successful Future. 

This Youth Program is one of the best chances for our kids in public housing.   My view is that we must attack the problems before they start.  Most kids in public housing never have a chance to do anything and what is the result?  They end up in jail, on drugs, pregnant with no fathers and anything that you can imagine.  This program is designed to let the kids see that there is a future with many possibilities that can lead them into a happier wealthier life instead of another generation of welfare.   Going to air shows, air force bases, museums, camping, races and good movies are all part of the youth program.  Look at these pages and see for yourself.

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  We have the most wisdom when we are old, but we have the greatest ability to learn when we are very young.  We must make sure that we teach this wisdom to our young
On the Youth of America
Youth Innovative Business Environment Training

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The Y-I-BET program is designed to get kids interested in technology and provide a way to keep them interested while they learn. 

Y-I-BET is an experimental program with great hopes of becoming a powerful way to keep kids pointed in the right direction.  The following pages show some of the experiments, activities, and work that has been performed, testing each part of the program for educational benefits, the kids interest in the activities, feasibility and total program cost. 

This eleven year old little girl is enjoying this kids program
Stephanie Timbs
10 years old
Steff likes a little power in her airplane.
This picture was featured in Sport Aviation Magazine.

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What kind of activities have we tried
Magazines are a great way for your kids to learn about aviation.
Model Airplanes 
Models are a great way to teach kids about many different things
When used in conjunction with other activities, movies become a great teaching aid
We collated, folded, stamped, stapled and labeled the newsletters for EAA Chapter 350 and IAC Chapter 61
Kids love races, they learn about track operations, race engines, race classes and have fun.
School Visitations  We went to the local schools to talk about our travels and different ways of life.
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Where have these kids gone.  These are some of the field trips that we have taken.

Springfield Air Rendezvous 2001
Macomb Fly in 2001
Prairie Air show 2001
Quad Cities Air show 7-14-2000 Davenport, Iowa
Bloomington "Prairie" Air show 7-8-2000
Bloomington, Illinois
Field Trip to 183rd Fighter Squadron 6-12-2000
Springfield, Illinois
EAA Chapter 350, Young Eagles Day, 6-3-2000 
Monmouth, Illinois
Bushnell-Prairie City Elementary School
Bushnell, Illinois
Macomb Fly-in and Air show Macomb, Illinois
Quad Cities Air show 
Davenport, Iowa
Roger Smith's Airplane Shop
Macomb, Illinois
Springfield Air Rendezvous
Springfield, Illinois
Smith Airport
Macomb, Illinois

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I always explain this to the kids in our kids groups. 

Their lives are like building a brick house.  When they go to school, they say, "Why am I learning this, what good is it."   So I go on to say that when they learn something it is like building a stack of bricks in just one area of their new house project.  As time goes on, as they learn something new, they are building a stack of bricks in another area and feel like it too is being stacked there for no reason.  As time goes on the kid looks and they see that they still has a series of piles of bricks, but there still isn't even a single wall to climb. 

After many years of making little piles of bricks, suddenly a brick from one pile touches the base of a brick on another pile, then it is easy to stack more bricks on these two piles making one single pile out of both of them and a much higher section of the wall appears.  Then suddenly more and more sections of the bricks pile up and then they have a pile of bricks that look like a whole wall.  Before they know it their house starts looking like a house and then their goals start feeling like they are being accomplished. 

The process never really stops as long as they keep learning new things.  Their virtual house keeps growing and is never completed, but along the way, they also accomplish many fantastic things in their lives and all around them are better for their efforts.

 Awareness of your though,= your thought, is the way to Action,

 Awareness of your Action,= your Action, is the way to Habits,

 Awareness of your Habit,= your Habits build your way of Character

 Awareness of your Character ,= Character is way to your Destiny..

 Let remember for this ;

*** A relation of Knowledge and Wisdom is a like Pump & Water. [of course water is a wisdom]!

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