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A Photo of a Chicago Serial Frame Camera used on jet fighters for Arial Photos.

Some great photos from Brad Jones.
Aboard the USS Kitty Hawk, Tonkin Gulf, Yankee station off of Viet Nam.

USS Kitty Hawk

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Brad Jones at work on a Chicago  Aerial Industries Serial Frame Camera aboard the USS Kitty Hawk in the Tonkin Gulf of of Viet Nam

Photo from Brad Jones
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk

the start of the viet nam war ordered by president johnson

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Brad Jones at work on a Chicago Aerial Industries Serial Frame Camera aboard the USS Kitty Hawk in the Tonkin Gulf of of Viet Nam

When: December 1967 or January 1968
Where: Aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CVA-63)
Location: On Yankee Station - Tonkin Gulf, North Vietnam
Who: RVAH-11 Checkertails (NAS Sanford, Florida)

Aircraft: RA-5C Vigilante
Found this photo of me (Brad Jones) actually at work on a Chicago Aerial Industries Serial Frame Camera. Someone in my area must have just gotten a new camera or else this photo would never have been taken!

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