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All about the Philippine Girls in Subic Bay

Some great photos from Brad Jones

Beautiful Philippine Girls in Subic Bay

with sailors from the USS Kitty Hawk

after being replaced by the USS Ticonderoga

 by Brad Jones

uss kitty hawk gets replaced by the USS ticonderoga in the Gulf of Tonkin

Photo from Brad Jones
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk
after being replaced by the USS Ticonderoga

Beautiful Philippine girls in Subic Bay Philippines

Permission Night off papers for the philippine girls

Calendar Girls

A "normal" Tonkin Gulf Line Period was about 30 days in length (plus the time to get to and from Subic Bay).

USS Kitty Hawk's line period that began 23 December 1967 should have ended around late January 1968, but the North Koreans captured USS Pueblo (AGER-2) on 23 January 1968 which led to USS Ranger (CVA-62) and USS Enterprise (CVAN-65) being dispatched to the Sea of Japan.

This was also the time when the Commies launched the Tet offensive on 30 January 1968. Therefore, both Kitty Hawk and USS Coral Sea (CVA-43) were extended on the line. We took part in "Operation Niagara" in support of the besieged Marine garrison at Khe Sanh.

When we eventually returned to Subic Bay in late February, we saw the attached news clipping in an edition of Stars & Stripes and the girls at Berna's Place in Olongapo City were glad we were back. Even "Mama-San" (the manager of the girls) gave me a pad of permission slips that the girls had to have to be on the street rather than working.

(I'm on the right with 2 girls - Well! It had been more than 2 months! Bruce Bishop is on the left).


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