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This is the A-7 Corsair located at NAS Lemoore in 1976
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Viet Nam was a new type of war.  This was a war that did not have a land attack of the enemy country.  I believe that it was actually called a police action and never actually a war.  The Viet Nam war also had a totally new type of technology, Electronic Warfare.  The electronics advanced tremendously driving new, much faster airplanes, fire control radars and guided missile systems.  So, the Viet Nam War was different. 
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Viet Nam War Stories
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Henry Wolf in the Viet Nam War.

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Howard Freeman on the USS Kitty Hawk
in the Gulf of Tonkin at Yankee Station  1965 - 1966
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James Seth Dyrek Vietnam Vet
A story of how he met the enemy and they spared his life
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A-7 Corsair II on the USS Kitty Hawk

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