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Pete Byam working on the F-100 Super Sabre Jet Fighter in Saudi Arabia, 523rd TFS Tactical Squadron Wing.

F-100D Super Sabre 1/32 Kit

Pete Byam, was a weapons mechanic  on F-100s with the 427th MMS at Cannon AFB, NM from 1961 to 1964.  Pete served in the USAF from 1960 until 1964.  During that time he went TDY to Turkey (522nd TFS), Saudi Arabia (523 TFS), Iran, and Florida During the Cuban Missile Crisis, with several different squadrons.     Look through the following photos.  If you were stationed with the 27th TFS see if you can find yourself. 


Pete now a full time entertainer lives and works in the Black Hills in the summer time and Apache Junction/Mesa in the Winter months.   Website www.petebyamshow.com

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Photos and Story by Pete Byam

Website www.petebyamshow.com

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Pete Byam working on an F-100 Super Sabre Jet Fighter
Dear Jeff,
I was stationed at Cannon AFB, NM 1961 -1964.  As a Weapons Mechanic, 46250, I went TDY to Turkey with the 522nd Commanded by Major John J. Voll (Out top ace in the Mediterranean Theater of Operation, )Saudi Arabia with the 481 Commanded by Col Woody, Iran with the 27th TFW  & Florida three times with during the Cuban Crisis. 

The  F-100 or "Lead Sled" as we called it was a well used and beautiful plane.  I saw a picture once of a friend of mine who was a ANG Pilot with the SDANG of a formation a "Huns" in front of Mt. Rushmore.

I recall many of the airman and pilots that I worked with Sgt. Bobby Lord, Sgt. Alvie Reynolds, Sgt Rainwater, A1c Register, A1C Herzog, Sgt Sylvanus S. Jones, Capt Bradley, Murgatroyd, Wilt, Van Domlin, Elliot,
Operation Hard Surface, Saudi Arabia 19625


23rd TFS Tactical Fighter Squadron was taken in Saudi Arabia during Operation Hard Surface.  Elgie Rath was killed when his 100 went in over in Japan

Left to Right:  Standing - John Anderson, Joe Hillner, Larry Hart, Elgie Rath,

Kneeling - Paul Orf, Jerry Hicks, Mike Rawling, Fred Haeffner.

Pete Byam standing on a F-100 SuperSabre Jet Fighter in Saudi Arabia


That is me putting the cartridges in the type VII pylon.



A picture of me on my Unicycle on the flight line take in 1962. 


Look at Pete Byam's Website www.petebyamshow.com

Member of South Dakota Country Music Hall of Fame



Lt. Col.  (Captain when I knew him) Paul Cohagen.  Col Cohagen was the test pilot for the 27th wing.  He was also assigned to the 481st.   I believe he was the favorite pilot of all of us.  This picture was taken in Vietnam about 1965.  Notice the 500# bombs on the type one pylon (inboard station on the wing)Pete Byam



Photo of the 481st Fighter Squadron Officers from Pete Byam
Photo from Pete Byam

Found my Cannon AFB Annual from about 1963.  Has most of the people that were there at that time, who were not TDY.  Attached is 481st.

522 Tactical Fighter Squadron Crew Members
522 Tactical Fighter Squadron Crew Members


27th Maintenance Squadron F-100 Super Sabre


427th Munitions Maintenance Squadron Fighter






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