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A Cod C-1 on the Elevator Deck.

Some great photos from Brad Jones.

Here's an Excellent Photo looking down on a C-1 Cod Cargo Plane on the USS Forrestal elevator.

by Brad Jones.

 Fulcrum Jet Fighter

Photo from Brad Jones
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk.

From approx. 1995 to 1998 I was the Editor of The Forrestal Spot Sheet which is the quarterly newsletter of The USS Forrestal (CVA/CV/AVT-59) Association.

In 1996 I corresponded with Mr. Scott Ross of RHI (RossHelicopters, Inc.) in Chicago. He had purchased a U.S. Navy C-1A Trader "COD" (Bureau No. 136778) and wondered if anyone in the Forrestal Association could provide information about her. From Navy records, he had found that the aircraft was delivered to USS Forrestal (CVA-59) on 14 December 1956 and she was Forrestal's first C-1 COD.

My last correspondence with Scott was in 1996 and he indicated that he had fully restored the aircraft and was awaiting a new airworthiness certificate from the FAA. He hoped to have that in time for the next Oshkosh Airshow and planned to tour the general circuit with her.

The attached photo is of the brand new COD on her first day aboard USS Forrestal on 14 December 1956. She is being moved to the hangar deck via one of the elevators.

This also reminded me of my time aboard Kitty Hawk. The C-1A Trader was capable of launching without use of a cat shot. So, when the time was right, the COD would start from the aft end and launch off the waist cat side of the ship. In January 1968 our COD was launching that way and the left main landing gear locked (I think). Anyway, the COD went right off the port side with 3 deaths and 7 recovered. As I recall, we weren't the only ship to experience COD trouble and deaths at the time.

After our experience, a C-2 Greyhound was used and the cat shot was employed. I was glad to see that, because when I left Kitty Hawk it was via a C-2 cat shot. At least you know you WILL leave the ship when the catapult is used.

Regards, Brad

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