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C-1A Trader cargo aircraft on the USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier.

Some great photos from Brad Jones.

The C-1 Cod aircraft is leaving the flight deck and an A-3 Skywarrior (Whale) sits ready on the catapult of the USS Forrestal Aircraft Carrier.

 by Brad Jones
A C-1 Trader cargo aircraft on the USS Forrestal

Photo from Brad Jones
 stationed aboard the USS Kitty Hawk.



The Forrestal Association's Historian has been sending a day-by-day account of our Vietnam cruise. His source is the Deck Logs and he sends it daily to those of us who were there. So, far, we have just crossed the equator enroute to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. So, we're all shellbacks now. The COD has just been launched to go fetch the dignitaries for an airshow.

If you'll recall, this was the airshow I related when the Phantom was chasing the Vigilante at Mach 1+ just 50-100 feet off the deck. Seems the older the memory, the better my recall! I don't remember what I did yesterday.

2000 LT R. C. Corbeille assumed the OOD watch.   The USS Forrestal launched its C-1A Trader aircraft today for it to fly to Rio de Janeiro and pick up some Brazilian and American visitors and bring  them back aboard for an Air Wing SEVENTEEN Air show. Admiral Rademaker, Minister of the Brazilian Navy, and Mr. John Tuthill, American Ambassador to Brazil will be among the many visitors.

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