WW2 Japanese Caves and Tunnels on Guam

 Photos of the World War 2 Japanese Caves found on Guam.

 Travel Photos by Dan Collier.

Picture of a WW2 Japanese Cave on Guam


Travelers to Guam and other Pacific Islands should take a look at the history of the Japanese Caves. After World War 2 there were many Japanese Soldiers who hid out in these caves, some are to believed to be hiding out even today. These caves were built before the U.S. entered the war and during the war also and still exist as a reminder to all of us of the history of world from both sides of the war.

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Japanese Caves on the island of Guam are a reminder of historical events in World War 2

Travel Photos by Dan Collier

Japanese Submarine Models



Balast tank water enterance and exit


This is one of the Japanese tunnels on the island. Notice the tall narrow shape. This is very similar to the tunnels found during the Viet Nam War. This tunnel appears to be partially filled in, but it would be very interesting to explore.  These tunnels exist on many islands including  Ie Shima , just north west of Okinawa. Japan made many cave hideouts throughout the Pacific during World War 2.


A Hidden WW2 Japanese Cave on Guam


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These WW2 Japanese Caves are difficult to find

The Entrance to this cave is almost invisible, yet inside it can be a huge maze of tunnels.

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Japanese Cave Entrance on Guam from WW2

  Chronology of Japanese Hideouts after WW2

Japanese Soldiers held out in these caves on Guam and all over the islands
of the Pacific, some even to this day.

One of these Japanese men was Shoichi Yokoi who lived in these caves
for 28 years until Janurary 24, 1972. He said that the only thing that gave him the strength
to survive was the faith in himself and that he was a Japanese Soldier.

  Read more about Mr. Shoichi Yokoi here.

  Read about other Japanese Soldier hideouts here. 

A Heart Shaped Cave Entrance on Guam

Photos by Dan Collier

Many of Guam’s Japanese caves were hand-dug by native slave labor, and are plentiful on Guam..  The Japanese simply LOVED caves!    Let’s take a look in my picture files and see if I can find any more cave photos...  Natural caves were used as well, but they are not symmetrical, like the hand-dug ones were..   A continuous running arc along the top of the cave, and relatively smooth side walls would indicate a hand-dug cave, whereas a natural one would not be so uniform internally.  . --Dan

Notice that this Japanese Tunnel has a heart shape.


This is the remains of the Japanese power plant on Tinian Island from WW2


Japanese WW2 Power Station



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If anyone knows more about this Japanese WW2 mini submarine or has any more pictures, write me a letter at the bottom of this page.

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