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Please Note:  This was the very first pages that I have ever made using html.
This is the beginning of what became

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Please Note: This is the very first web page that I have ever made.  This page was first published on the Western Illinois University, WIU, computer, when I realized that the web was going to be a big future, I opened the actual  The photo above was made using Corel Dream 3D Version 7.  The very first graphics had to go.  When I made the animated graphics I thought that they would look fantastic, but once they were published onto the web, operating independently from each other, the motion actually would give you a nausea feeling.  My first lesson in Internet Electronic Warfare. 


Why am I making this series of web pages?
I am a student at Western Illinois University.  It's easy to see how web pages are becoming more and more popular.  As time moves on, most of everything we do will in some way have a connection to the web.  I am not waiting, so I have decided to put most of my school work in a web graphics format.   Many of these pages look great when they're printed out and delivered to the instructor.  Also he will have a reference address printed on every assignment he grades.  This will be very useful because he can not only see what was printed on my papers, he can read about additional information on my web pages.

To further my dream!
Now an instructor can easily add one of my, or any other students, reports to the department's total knowledge base.  The Total Knowledge Base is an area where student's research projects are added together in a search engine for instant reference by all students, anywhere in the world.  Wouldn't it be nice if there was a total knowledge base on Industrial Arts, or Biology, or Business.  This would be a very good asset for the entire world because your search engine would be limited to one web page location source instead of searching fifty trillion useless queries before finding the ones you want.

Sometimes the Web Can Be Too Big!

One thing that I notice is when I am looking for information on some subject, I receive info from a tremendous number of retailers that want you to buy their products. I may be looking for micro-balloons and find every web page which has ever a single mention of micro-balloons, web pages that don't exist, and totally unrelated pages. The Total Knowledge Base will have only reference materials and no commercial materials.  Since these articles will come from selected student assignments and reports, all of the articles in this knowledge base will be previewed and graded by instructors for accuracy and appearance.

A person may search WIU's Total Knowledge Base, or they may search UCD's Total Knowledge Base.  When this search is being performed, there will be access to only one knowledge base at a time or the set of only, but all, knowledge bases everywhere.   Can you imagine the research benefits this will have.

A Student Must Learn Sometime!

When a student completes college he will be going to work for some company, some where in the cold cool world.  One skill that would be a definite asset would be how to make your own web pages.  intranet, and Internet's both are becoming very common in companies around the world.  Why not start looking professional now!  Having every document in the HTML format means less confusion and time loss for everyone.  No more will a person have to hunt down a Mac or PC or Unix machine with Wordperfect, or Word or Astound or XYZ word processor to open and access his files.  The great thing about the web is that it is promoting what we have needed for many years, a common platform and standardization.


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