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34th Fighter Squadron
World War 2 Engineering Group.

This is Page 19.
from the 34th fighter Squadron Yearbook.
    34th Fighter Squadron Page 19.
The Engineering Section of the 34th Fighter Squadron on Ie Shima 1944 show pictures of their spaces.
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The 34th Fighter Squadron Yearbook Page 19
Engineering Group on the Island of IeShima in the World War 2 Pacific.

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Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek

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This exhibit was from a yearbook about a WW2 fighter squadron in the Western Pacific.  There is a possibility that this yearbook is the only copy still in existence.  If you know anyone from this squadron or have any information to add to this exhibit, 
Please send me e-mail at the bottom of this page.

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the 34th fighter Squadron
USS Kitty Hawk

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