The 318th Fighter Group. 

P47 Thunderbolt in WW2, Vincent Dauro was a Fighter Pilot.  In this picture A P47 is Running up its engine on the island of Ie Shima.  The Photo is from Frank Dauro son of Vincent Dauro.  Pictures of the P47 Thunderbolt of the 318th Fighter Group on Ie Shima in WW2.
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The 318th Fighter Group in WW2 on Ie Shima. 

Info From Our Readers
 A Tribute to Vincent A. Dauro.

This is a page out of a 7th Air Force book that belonged to my father (Vincent A. Dauro) he passed away last Dec. 1998.  All I can recall about my dad is that he was with the 318th. and he flew the first of the P-47N's.

P47 Thunderbolt from the 318th Fighter Group on Ie Shima.
Picture Scanned by Frank and Denise Dauro

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A letter from  Frank Dauro son of Vincent.
Jeff that really looks great on the sight, here are some more from the collection I have. One is of my father and one of his planes  "Sherman was Right" on opposite side was  "War is Hell" another picture is of some P-47 wreckage, another is of a captured Kamikaze device the Japanese used. and one more of my father after a Hurricane hit the Island in Sept. 1945. I went on ahead and sent you Dads description of Joe Parker's crashed plane, My Father told me later that he was attempting a takeoff. And was trying to show the boys you didn't have to make a full Throttle takeoff. He did not realize the airstrip was very short. Thanks very much..........Frank   P.S.  Notice the symbol of a gamecock surrounded by stars on his plane he also had that on a jacket of his.....

Another Letter from Frank, July 2001
Jeff, after you posted the pictures of my father, I have received many calls from people that helped me put  some things together. He was in the 301 Fighter Wing, 318th Fighter Group, 19th Squadron.  After Sept. 1945 he transferred to the 507th for occupational duties until Aug 1946 in Okinawa.  He was in the air when the Nagasaki A-Bomb was dropped from the B-29 (Bocks-car).  I sure do appreciate the time you have taken to help me on this.

   Thanks so much,
   Frank Dauro

   Opelika, Alabama


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