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 Starring: Lou Gossett Jr

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Did you like the F-16's in Iron Eagle?  Then you will probably
like to fly a real jet fighter that would kick the pants off of the F16 Falcon
the MiG Banner above to find out how!


Iron Eagle 4 (1996) 
• Color, Closed-captioned, Dolby
• Full-screen format
• Director: Sidney J. Furie

Iron Eagle 4 is a great movie for the kids showing the USAF F-16 falcon.  ---------

The   USAF  F-16A   Fighting Falcon was built by General Dynamics.  It used a Pratt & Whitney F100 turbo jet engine producing 14,870 lbs of thrust when in afterburner produced 23,830 lbs of thrust.  The F16's top speed is 1350 mph with a cruise speed of 577 mph. The "A" model has an empty weight of 14,570 lbs and a max weight of 33,000 lbs.  In contrast, a later version, the   F-16N   produced a total thrust with afterburner of 27,000 lbs.  The F16's powered by the GE F110 have the exceptional reliability and durability along with the increased thrust giving it more speed and acceleration.  This movie shows some of the fantastic capabilities of this USAF Aircraft. 
Please Note:  The specifications on this page are only for a single model of this airplane. 




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