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413th Fighter Group Pictorial Review
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"A" Flight of the 1st Fighter Squadron in World War 2
"A" Vuelo del Escuadrn de caza en la primera guerra mundial 2

Donated by Seth A. Villa

December 1944
In the following pages you will
see the many photos and the history of the 413th.


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1 January 2010

I am a Naval Reserve Seabee deployed in Northeast Africa, and just discovered your site. My father (CPT Everett B. Chamberlain) was a P40 and a P47 pilot in both theaters of WWII. You have a picture of him with Flight “C” of the 1st Fighter Squadron, 413th Fighter Group taken at Bluethenthal Field in 1944. (4th from left, back row standing) Following that he flew off of Ie Shima, Japan until the end of the war.  One of Dad’s life-long friends Bob H. Allard was also with the 1st Squadron, and had 3 aerial kills with that unit.
I have all of my Dad’s papers and pictures at home, (including the one posted here!) so may be able to share more info when I get home in 2011. Please feel free to write any time, and THANK YOU for doing what you do!!!
~ Eric

8 June 2010

I located this picture on your web site.  This man is my grandmother’s older brother, my great uncle.  He passed away about 8 years ago.  Where did you find this photo?  Do you have a higher quality version of this scanned that I could have so that I can print it and frame it? Also, I didn’t know that he flew in the Asian theater.  I do know that he flew in North Africa, France (where he earned the Flying Cross) and towards the end of the war  the German’s shot him down over Germany.  He told me the story once about how he earned the flying cross, but the details are fuzzy, he told it to me a long time ago.  I don’t suppose you know how to find out the stories/military records behind the awards of the Flying Cross? 


 Scott R. Ellis, EnCE
Picture Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek


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 Members of the 413th 
1st Fighter Squadron, "A" Flight
at Bluethenthal Field 1944

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Pitts Action photos
Both Simulated and Real Photos of the Pitts Aerobatic Airplane in Action.


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