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An SmartTraveler will enjoy the fun of self pleasure in the Arctic Islands
Read about these great polar adventures and even take a trip with us to the North Pole, for real.

This page tells about North Pole Adventure Travel and other Action Adventure Travel Vacations which is more like a big Adventure Game than an Adventure tour, that's why we have a professional Expedition Guides from Global Expeditions leading our way. 

The North Pole is a place where many people have tried and died to attain the great privilege of being able to log their adventure time there.  Today things are different.  The North Pole is now a place where anyone can go to with relative ease and comfort.    I live in Illinois and the 2001 temperatures went down to -10 and stayed there for almost four months.  It's a bit colder on the North Pole with temperatures that are about -25 to -35 degrees with possibilities of temperatures a bit colder.  The 2001 north pole expedition had six hot air balloon pilots logging their flights, five skydivers who jumped from 9000 ft, a man in a wheelchair, a ultralight pilot and the worlds first homebuilt airplane.   We fly to the pole using a big An-74 jet, first landing at base camp.  Then using Mi-8 helicopters to take us to the actual pole.  We stay in heated, insulated tents and eat prepared food.  It's still cold  on the arctic ice pack so we use some real nice survival equipment made for warmth and comfort.  One lady who brought those heat sticks said that she was too warm because of the sticks.  A north pole adventure is also an arctic adventure because we visit   For two weeks of the most fantastic adventure on the planet earth just click on the link below, it doesn't cost you anything.  Also, send me a letter and you will be delighted talking to a real expedition member.  
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The background picture on this page is an actual photo of the
snow on the North Pole taken by C. Jeff Dyrek, webmaster

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North Pole Expedition 2005

North Pole Expedition 2002
North Pole Expedition 2002
North Pole Expedition 2002
Christopher Pala on the North Pole
Curtis Liebers South Pole Adventure
Travel across Antarctica with Curtis Lieber in a 4-Wheel Drive Russian ATV, Launch the first Hot Air Balloon over the South Pole and meet an astronaut and a cosmonaut who were also on this expedition.
South Pole Adventure
Who has gone to the North Pole
A summary of early North Pole Expeditions
Who has gone to the North Pole
Go on a real North Pole Adventure 
You too can go to the North Pole on a fantastic adventure of a lifetime
Go on a real North Pole Adventure
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