Adventure travel takes you on a photography expedition tour through Alaska.

Anchorage Alaska and Eagle River Alaska Area Pictures, Expedition of 2006.

C. Jeff Dyrek, Webmaster at the Kenai Peninsula Alaska. Oct 2006
Starting in the City of Anchorage Alaska, the Alaska Expedition starts with these beautiful Pictures as I headed North to Eagle River Alaska.  Anchorage and the surrounding are are absolutely beautiful and if you want to take some fantastic pictures, this is the place to go.  Follow this tour of the Anchorage Alaska area and see some fine points to visit when you go to Alaska.
A partir de la ciudad de Anchorage, Alaska, Alaska Expedicin comienza con estas bellas imgenes que me dirig al norte del Ro Eagle Alaska. Anclaje y los alrededores son absolutamente hermosas y si usted quiere tomar algunas imgenes fantsticas, este es el lugar para ir. Siga este recorrido por la zona de Anchorage, Alaska y ver algunos puntos finos para visitar cuando vaya a Alaska.


   This is the Anchorage Alaska Area Photo Tour Exhibit  

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Alaska Expedition 2006.

Downtown Eagle River Alaska

Beautiful Views of Eagle River Alaska

Stoping to look back at Eagle River Alaska as I was heading up to the Mountains

  Photos by C. Jeff Dyrek 


The first thing that I did in once I arrived in Anchorage was to sleep for three days in the Motel 6.  I'm a disabled veteran and the main reason for taking this trip was to get some rest and relaxation.  But, once the rest was over it was time to look around.  The first thing I did was to head out of town and go North.  The highway out of Anchorage is just beautiful and the first place that you would come to is Eagle River Alaska.  This is where I stopped to eat and get a new watch battery, the battery went dead just after I left town. 

It was the very last few days in September and the trees have all started to turn beautiful colors, I couldn't have timed my arrival in Alaska at any better time.  So I stopped at a jewelry store and had my watch repaired then went next door to the Chinese restaurant for a good meal.  The town of Eagle River was absolutely beautiful.  There wasn't very much traffic and the view was fantastic.  I always want to head out in the country, that is where my heart is.  So I headed up the back roads into the mountains. 

The picture above is the main street of Eagle River Alaska.  It was a rainy day and the clouds would move in and cover the fantastic vistas of the mountains above Eagle River.  Then the clouds would move out and the view was just breathtaking.  The people in Eagle River were very nice and didn't have that big city attitude that you see in Chicago or even in downtown Anchorage.  Forget that, that's why I head into the small towns and into the country.

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