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The Spy Planes
Air Combat II

An all-seeing plane... invisible to those on whom it spies - this dream has long been pursued by visionary aircraft engineers and the world's air forces. From the long and honorable service of the Cold War's U-2 to the black, delta-winged SR-71 Blackbird, The Spy Planes traces the evolution of this epic endeavor. Fly along at speeds in  excess of Mach 3 as the Blackbird becomes the premier spy plane of its age. Color,  45 min.  .....#00V8209 $14.95

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Giants of Lockheed

Is the SR-71 your fantasy? This video begins with nearly a half hour of exquisite ground and aerial views of the incredible Blackbird. Scene after scene shows off this  triple sonic, turbo-ramjet powered aircraft, built two decades ago but still the  hottest thing in the skies. Are you a Herkybird nut? The next segment portrays the C-130 in all its glory. Then witness the awesome abilities of the C-141 Starlifter and  the mighty C-5 Galaxy as they power their way across continents with massive  loads. All color. 70 min.  .....#00V8766 $29.95

Test Flights: Beyond the Limit

Go behind the scenes at Dryden Flight Research Center, NASA's remote outpost where the world's top experimental flight researchers and pilots develop cutting-edge technology and flight test the world's most advanced aircraft. This extraordinary production combines unprecedented camera access with  never-before-seen test flight footage and state of the art computer graphics. Coverage includes the X-1, X-15, X-29, X-33, SR-71 and much more. Running time: 2:30.   .....#00V8609 $39.95

SR-71: From SAC to NASA

Get an unprecedented look at America's super-secret mach 3 plus reconnaissance aircraft. After decades of secrecy and rumors, the truth can now be told. The SR-71's structure, engines, stealth materials and mission capabilities are now  revealed for the first time. You now have total access to the SR-71's classified  history - and an exclusive chance to see it on a reconnaissance mission that impacts  global peace! 1 hr.    .....#00V8721 $29.95

 Mission SR-71 Blackbird

Still the highest flying, fastest airplane in the world, the Blackbird first flew in 1962 and was retired from Mach 3 spy plane service in 1990. This video combines actual  footage of the crews tasked with dispatching and flying the Blackbird with the best photography ever seen into a fictional mission. You'll see flame-blasting takeoffs, aerial refueling, dramatic in-flight scenes and landings - the Blackbird as you've never seen before! Color, 45 min.  .....#00V8665 $19.95

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