Mk-82 bombs being loaded on an A-7
Gordon Doody

Mk-82 Bombs being loaded on an  A-7 Corsair II US Navy Jet Fighter

This is the A-7 Corsair located at NAS Lemoore in 1976
A-7 Corsair II Pilot
Vought A-7 Corsair II from VA-125 & VA-215

The A7 Corsair II is many times called a Jet Fighter but it is really a Light Attack Bomber used by the US Navy and the US Air Force.  The A7 Carried more bombs than the WWII B-17 Bomber.

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A7 Corsair II Jet Fighter Photos, These Mk-82 Bombs are being carted out to the A-7 prior to loading

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The MK-82 Bombs are being rolled out to the Jets
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A-7 on the USS Kitty Hawk

Mk-82 Bombs are being rolled out to be loaded on the planes.  

A Mk-82 is a 500 lb bomb with massive explosive power.  This is a dumb bomb but the A-7 is the best aircraft in the fleet to put the bomb where it will do the most damage.




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Mk82 General Purpose Bomb
Airman 1st Class McLean uploads MK-82 bombs
Mk 82 Snake Eye
MK-82/MK-84 Low Drag General Purpose Bombs 


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