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This is the Story of

Deane Kesterson

Founder of IAC Chapter 61

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 Fulcrum Jet Fighter
 Scanned by C. Jeff Dyrek
Deane Kesterson 


After asking many members and getting sort of incomplete answers,  I placed the question to our members in our newsletter.   Who is Deane Kesterson?   Without any phone calls or prior letters I received a package in the mail with many photos and some stories about Deane.  The letter started with the sentence, "If I had to limit a description of Deane to one word, it would be, "enthusiastic."   After reading the rest of the letter I have to agree with this one word description.  Deane was indeed enthusiastic. 

Deane loved mechanics and not just fixing broken cars, Deane enjoyed pushing life to the limit, enjoying every minute to the fullest.   At work Deane worked on outboard motors and he and his friend, Ben Scarborough, spent their spare time racing midgets, a sort of miniature sprint car. Later, during the Korean war,  Deane was stationed first at Fort Polk Louisiana then at Fort Riley Kansas where he raced hydroplanes at Junction City.  At work he was a Sergeant in the Fort Riley Motor pool.  Since he had an important function here in the states,  Deane was never sent to Korea for combat duty.   Furthermore, Deane had a delayed entry into the service because he was the sole supporter of his mother since the death of his father prior to the war. 

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